State’s Population Estimated At 3,596,080

As we wrap up 2013,  the Census Bureau estimates there are 316-million-128-thousand-839 Americans in the fifty states.

Though only two states are smaller than Connecticut,  we rank around the middle of the pack in terms of population- -22nd-smallest, with an estimated 3 million 596-thousand-eighty residents.  That’s up almost 22 thousand since the last decennial census in 2010,  and up 4,315 from 2012 to 2013,  an increase if about .12%, smaller than the national increase of .72 percent.

Connecticut’s population is roughly equal to the total population of Rhode Island (1,051,511,) Vermont (626,630) and New Hampshire (1,323,459)  —  with the entire population of Wyoming (582,658) thrown in as well.

North Dakota was the fastest-growing state;  Maine and West Virginia the only states to lose population in the last year.


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