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Two Accidents In Portland Friday Morning

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Strongs Avenue, Portland (Photo courtesy  @djkev4 )

Strongs Avenue, Portland (Photo courtesy @djkev4 )

Portland police are investigating two  accidents Friday morning,  one of them fatal. Police sau a driver was killed when his car crashed and caught fire near a rock outcropping on Route 66.  Investigation of the accident extended into the morning rush hour.

Then  about 9 a.m., a car ran into a house on Route 17-A at Strongs Avenue in Portland.  Police say the BMW convertible went off the road, travelled about 150 feet and lodged between the chimney and the front steps.  It caused minor damage to the home, but extensive damage to the vehicle.  Police say they’re not sure whether it was operator error or a mechanical failure. 19-yar-old Christopher Robinson of Portland suffered minor injuries.

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