Scott’s Back…some things never change…


It’s always fun to come home from vacation and see how much things have changed in your absence.  Or not.  More often than not it’s or not.  It wasn’t hard to notice that the Jets are still stealing the back pages of the New York tabs from the Giants, though not necessarily for the right reasons.  Rex Ryan is still the focus but he’s no longer the darling of Jets fans who believe he’s going to take them to the promised land.  The only place they want Rex to go now is to the unemployment line, by the end of this season.  Once again it’s Rex’s fascination with quarterback Mark Sanchez that’s at the center of the fans disatisfaction, and the shoulder injury Sanchez suffered after being reinstalled late in Saturday’s exhibition win over the Giants.  As for Giants coach Tom Coughlin.  Nothing new there, either.  Always happy to let Rex have those back pages, and the spotlight that comes with them.  Even after getting a day off and having nothing to do with an extra innings win over the Rays Alex Rodriquez gets top billing in the headlines, above a story about Yankee captain Derek Jeter returning to the lineup today, after having played in a grand total of five games so far this season.  Can’t get enough of that A-Rod.  Speaking of the athlete you can never get too much of.  Tiger Woods finished in a tie for second at the Barclays, the first event of the PGA Fed Ex Cup playoffs.  Tiger missed an attempt at a birdie on 18 that would have forced a playoff by just inches.  On 13 he fell to his knees in pain from a sore back, but heroically recovered to finish the round and finish second to somebody who won the Masters earlier this season, in a tie with someone who won the U.S. Open this year and a couple of other guys, one stroke ahead of someone who won the Open Championship this season, and a couple of other championships, and also shot the round of the day to come from eight strokes back and finish two shots off the pace.  ESPN Sports Center leading into the weekend was all about how Tiger was faring, with barely a mention that there was somebody actually leading the tournament.  In keeping with the way not much changes when your away on vacation, the day I left I had to explain to some not so adoring listeners that it wasn’t Tiger I had a problem with as much as a media that never gets the message he’s not the only guy out there, and they all play under the same conditions as Tiger.  Today, the same explanation.  It’s not Tiger, it’s the media’s love affair with him that someday the PGA Tour is going to regret, when he’s no longer winning even regular tournaments and fans don’t think there’s anyone else worth watching, because that’s what they’ve been told for two decades.  One thing hasn’t changed in my entire life, and I’d be happy if it never did.  Having started out as a Brooklyn Dodgers fan my entire baseball life has been backgrounded by the most articulate, most lyrical of all baseball voices, that of Vin Scully, who has signed on for season number 65 with the Dodgers.  Hey, at age 85, what else has he got going on?  Not all changes would be for the better.  It’s good to come home and find out some things have stayed the same.  With a comment from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.



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