West Main Street in Waterbury re-opened this afternoon, following a massive water main leak that closed the street all weekend.

Geary says several million gallons of water gushed out over 2-and-a-half days.

City operations chief Joe Geary says a car collided with a fire hydrant late Friday afternoon, in a hit-and-run crash.

“The main was a 36-inch main, which a 6-inch lateral comes off of,” Geary said. “That was the problem, the 6-inch lateral.”

Police are still looking for the driver who hit the fire hydrant.

“Like a lot of the other major cities Waterbury is an old mill town, and some of the infrastructure dates back to the turn of the century, at the start of the 1900’s. That makes it in excess ofa hundred years old,” Geary said. “Unfortunately, when we go to exercise a shut-down with some of these gates, sometimes they fail.”

The closest main shutoff was between 80 and 90-years old. When the gate valve malfunctioned, a crew was brought in from Flordia with equipment to stop the water from flowing through the line.
Several large holes were dug in the area as part of the work.


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