A Plainville man was  taken into custody after police responded to a  domestic disturbance at a home  on Twining Street Friday afternoon. Police say  60  year old  Charles Hollow threatened to harm a woman in the home .She was able to  get out and  went to a neighbors home.

Hollow continued to  threaten the  victim on the telephone and also made comments he wanted to kill himself with a rifle in the house.Police made brief contact by phone with Hollow, who hung up. Additional attempts to contact Hollow failed.

The  Regional Emergency Response Team  responded to the scene  and after they were unsuccessful in establishing contact with Hollow, they went into the home  and Hollow was taken into custody without further incident.

A rifle was recovered inside the home.Hollow  was charged with Threatening,Interfering with an Officer and Disorderly Conduct .Bond was set at $40,000 and Hollow was taken to a hospital.


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