New Haven police have arrested a man for spitting on the priest who made news several years back for videotaping East Haven police for mistreatment of Hispanic citizens.

Officers say Father James Manship of St. Rose of Lima Parish  was out for a drive last Sunday, April 21, when he noticed a man driving a dirt bike recklessly on Saltonstall Avenue.

After taking the suspect’s picture, police say 20-year-old Leron Stone gunned the bike toward Manship’s car, spitting on the reverend and his vehicle.

Manship sent police stone’s photo.  Cops later tracked Stone to Crisculo Park on Friday where he was picked up.

He faces a number of charges including harrassment and is now free on $30,000 bond.

Manship made news when he was arrested for videotaping the East Haven officers but the charges were later dropped.


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