“I’m outraged and astounded that a minority of the Senate has refused to allow a simple up or down vote on a reasonable, commonsense proposal to enhance criminal background checks and save lives. I’m astounded that they have ignored the voices of Newtown families. I’m astounded that they have ignored the voices of families affected by gun violence across the country. I’m astounded that they have ignored the voices of the 92% of the American people who support enhanced criminal background checks.

“As I’ve said before, I don’t believe the compromise on criminal background checks, put forth by Senator Toomey and Senator Manchin, is perfect. It doesn’t do everything necessary to create a truly universal criminal background check system. But this reasonable, bipartisan compromise would be a tremendous improvement over the status-quo and a significant step in the right direction.

“I’m grateful to all the Senators, including four Republicans, who did the right thing and voted yes, and I’m proud of our Senators, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, for their leadership on gun violence prevention. Most of all, I’m grateful to the Newtown families who continue to inspire me, and inspire the country, with their courageous leadership and advocacy in the face of unparalleled grief.
“This is far from over. Because we can’t sit by and allow the loss of precious children, of talented and courageous educators to go unanswered – because we can’t allow the loss of countless innocent victims, of innocent children, to continue, we cannot and must not give up. We must continue our work to protect our children and our communities. I am as committed as ever to continuing the fight for commonsense measures to prevent and reduce gun violence in the U.S. House, including enhanced criminal background checks. The families of Newtown – and every family devastated by gun violence – deserve a real vote, not procedural maneuvers. It’s up to us to see that they get the vote and the action they deserve.”


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