The New York Daily News quotes law enforcement sources who say materials found at the home Adam Lanza shared with his mother, show that  the gunman who shot 26 students and staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School researched previous mass killings.

The newspaper says it learned Lanza kept a seven foot-by-four-foot spreadsheet with the names of some 500 previous killers,  showing body counts, and the make and model of the weapons used.  The law enforcement official told the paper it was like a video-game scoresheet made by a gamer who wanted his name atop the list of killers.

Connecticut State Police issued a statement emphasizing that State Police have not released any information regarding Lanza or his motives,  and saying a final report is still several months away.  Police say information about the Sandy Hook killings was discussed at a recent New Orleans seminar for law enforcement professionals, so they can learn from the experience of other law enforcement agencies.  Police say Colonel Danny Stebbins asked those attending not to talk about what they’ve learned.


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