Car fires are not infrequent on Connecticut highways and secondary roads, but Friday morning’s fire on Interstate 91 ranks among the more unusual.  A car caught fire on a car carrier headed northbound through Hartford,  and the fire spread,  eventually burning six of the nine vehicles on the carrier.

The accident near exit 27 tied up traffic as firefighters called in additional equipment, blocking the highway northbound,  and causing a curiosity-related slowdown southbound.  Captain Jim McLoughlin says because there was no water supply nearby, they used tanker trucks,  and had to call in three additional companies for their tankers.  They also called in an aerial ladder truck, to fight the flames from above the upper tier of vehicles.

courtesy dot traffic camera Car Fire    Times Six     On Interstate 91

Courtesy DOT Traffic Camera)

He says two of the vehicles on the car-carrier were heavily burned,  and the two on each side of those also sustained fire damage.

The state Department of Transportation spread sand at the scene, and firefighters erected a dam around the catch-basin, to prevent oily runoff from reaching waterways.

The fire marshal’s office was called to the scene to investigate.


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