“I am proud of the accomplishments that the Board of Regents has achieved in the past year, from making transfers between colleges easier to breaking ground on three new community college manufacturing centers to beginning the process of changing the way we deliver remedial coursework. These are all positive changes for state students.

“Unfortunately, Dr. Kennedy’s recent missteps have become too much of a distraction to our students and on our campuses. Nothing should detract the Board of Regents and its central office from making ongoing, positive, daily progress toward our goal of restructuring Connecticut’s higher education system to be more efficient, effective and affordable.

“I am proud of the bipartisan, public position that the leaders of the legislature’s Higher Education Committee took yesterday regarding Dr. Kennedy in calling for his resignation. We did our due diligence by meeting with the Board of Regents leadership, by talking with professors and students and Regents members, by asking tough questions and demanding strict accountability. We acted in an informed and deliberative manner, and I believe our non-political approach contributed to Dr. Kennedy’s decision to resign.

“I now look forward to the Board of Regents establishing guidelines and procedures to ensure that Dr. Kennedy’s errors are not repeated, and that our ongoing higher education reorganization for the betterment of students proceeds in a timely and efficient manner.”


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