Mark Greenberg Statement on Supreme Court Ruling about Obamacare

“Despite the Supreme Court decision ObamaCare is still a disaster for working families, and I am outraged that the government takeover of our healthcare system has been upheld by the Court.  Unless ObamaCare is repealed millions of American families will lose their current healthcare coverage and will be forced into new government-run healthcare programs.

Several new ObamaCare taxes and burdensome regulations on small businesses will take effect over the next two years.  We must repeal ObamaCare before it can do any more harm to the economy, and if elected to Congress I will fight for immediate repeal.

I have maintained from the very beginning that this flawed law was wrong for the country and the wrong way to promote the worthy goal of increasing access to health care.

ObamaCare has destroyed jobs, hurt our economy and placed a crushing financial burden on our children.  Working families want more choice and flexibility in their health coverage, not more government control.

Costly government mandates, our bloated bureaucracy, and a federal government that continues to overreach with new programs, requirements, and regulations are all combining to choke our economy and stifle the private investment that creates jobs.  With health care as well as job creation, we should be adopting tax and regulatory policies that will unleash, rather than hinder, the power of free enterprise as a job creating force in our economy.

Instead of costly government mandates I support market-based reforms that will encourage competition, allow portability of policies in the event of a job change and allow consumers to shop across state lines – just as we already do for automobile insurance.

There must also be a closer relationship between the patients who pay for services and doctors who provide services.  Once that closer relationship is established patients become more aware of value.  As one example, lasik surgery is generally not covered by health insurance, and the patient must enter into the competitive market for that procedure.  As a result, lasik surgery is part of a real free market with competitive prices.  Lasik surgery costs about $4,000 a few years ago and is now available for less than $1,000.”


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