Statement by Lisa Wilson Foley on U.S. Supreme Court Decision

On the Affordable Health Care Act

“The U.S. Supreme Court decision is a disappointing decision that will require the Congress to exercise its Constitutional rights to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act. I would, as a Congressman, vote to repeal this act and replace it with a more reasonable plan to address the issues that makes health care available, affordable, and accessible.”

“Health care is critical for every American, but the Supreme Court has, in effect, given Congress an unlimited ability to tax families and businesses to create a huge federally driven system. With a deficit of $16 trillion, it is hard to imagine how our economy can survive and create opportunity with this decision.”

“Some components of the law are positive – protecting patients with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to be carried on their parents plans. Real reform will require leaders who understand health care from a clinical perspective and the impact it has on families and businesses.”

“As someone who has spent my entire professional life in health care, I understand we need to have more competition in the health care system, less bureaucracies and more access to insurance to pay for it. We must reward healthy behaviors and wellness and unleash the power of innovation with streamlined regulations that get new cures and technologies into hospitals and care settings.”

“The Supreme Court has exercised its Constitutional role but now is the time for Congress to work together on a health care plan that will give every American confidence that this critical issue will be addressed while not destroying our economy.”



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