(WATERBURY, Conn.) — A child daycare operator was arrested after a health inspector found a crying infant hidden inside a crawl space at the home.

Waterbury police say the inspector for the the Department of Public Health arrived at the house on Yates Avenue to look into a complaint about the daycare operation. The inspector was alerted to the infant after hearing the sounds of its cries coming from somewhere in the house.

It turned out the 6-month-old had been hidden in an unfinished crawl space, behind a locked door.  The little girl was in a car seat,  without supervision,  and had been given no food or liquid for at least four hours.

The inspector called police, who said it appears the child had been hidden there by the home’s operator,  54-year-old Catalina Reyes,  so the inspector would not find out she was caring for more children than her license allows.

She was charged with risk of injury to a minor,  and the hidden baby and the other children were returned to their parents.

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  1. Cindy B. says:

    Watching Nancy Grace talk about this worker being bonded out and walking the street. Comment made was if this was an adult bound up and left under a crawl space they would be locked up for years. Bull!! A very good friend of mine was “excuted” and his killer is bonded out at $25,000.00 and walking the streets in Lumberton, NC. Shot in the stomach twice and then in the back of the head. His killer is claiming self defense…….sickening. I hope he rots in hell just as this woman should too.

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