State Police say one person was killed and two others were injured when the Ford Mustang they were in lost control, struck an embankment, went airborne, slammed into a building, and ended up on its roof late Friday night in Oxford. A Seymour police officer had been trying to stop the car, as it traveled northbound on Route 67, said police. The crash occurred around 11:47 p.m. in the area of Old State Road.

Police say back seat passenger, Brandon Giordano of Oxford, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, Eric H. Ramirez, 19, of Oxford, was taken to Waterbury Hospital with serious injuries, said troopers. The front seat passenger, Dion Major of Oxford, was taken to Waterbury Hospital with minor injuries, said authorities.

The crash remains under investigation.

Comments (21)
  1. Joe V says:

    R.I.P. Brandon G

  2. Sad Parent says:

    omg this is so sad, these cops just dont get it, you cant just chase anyone and exoect something good to come out of it,, prayers to the parents,,

    1. cheryl says:

      While this is truly a sad story, don’t blame the police! If an officer has his lights on – PULL OVER – don’t try to evade from your responsibility as a licensed driver!! End of story! Because of the poor judgement this young driver made, his life is certainly changed forever while another one is lost forever. Our society has become so accustomed to placing the blame on anyone else – all this boy had to do was pull over. Prayers to all the families.

    2. Me says:

      Wow this is an awful statement.

  3. p says:

    “sad parent”, you are so right, the cops just don’t get it !! young kids in a mustang getting pulled over for “lights” underneath the car, pathetic !!! what a tragedy 😦

  4. close friend of brandons family says:

    i am very close wit the fam who lost brandon (i have known this young man since he was 3 years old) the seymour police didnt follow protical and the drive failed 2 stop… yes the driver DEF shoulda stopped but the driver is a teenager while the officers r full grown adults and they had rules 2 follow… after a certen speed they r supposed 2 stop chasing because of the safty of others on the road, the fact that the car was fully air born shows that the speed was very exsesive and dangrious 4 ne1 in the path of the chase… i drive on these roads on a daily baisis and have 4 many years and anything over 45-55 is exseesive and the officers should have taken the plate # n stopped the chase but no the cop continued 2 purssue this car and now the is a child dead…

    1. B says:

      It is a tragedy that I had to read this comment.

      1. c says:

        I agree. Where is the grammar/spelling/sentence composition police?

    2. none says:

      What scares the living sh!t out of me is that YOU are actually allowed to drive on the same roads as normal people!

  5. none says:

    You are certainly no genius and were apparently picking a daisey when the Lord was passing out brains.

  6. close friend of brandons family says:

    OMG r u kidding me ur more worried bout my spellin n grammar then my message!?!?! GET A LIFE and a heart… im in tears writing this so im typing qucik n wit shorthand… ever herd of it??? im greaving n ur judgeing me, shame on u, 2 bad ur mother never taught u manors and compasion… while ur judgeing me im prepairing 4 a funiral and a wake so keep bein judgement and narrow minded… u r a small preson 2 judge some1 who said they r directly involved wit the situation

    1. ziltch says:

      I think we all know what shorthand is and what the pupose of it is. Please then explain how “funiral” is shorthand for “funeral” or “judgeing” shorthand for “judging”?

  7. close friend of brandons family says:

    lets see u loose a 15yr old boy from ur life that u have known 4 almost thier whole life n let see how ur thinking and spellin… try typing through tears and whille ur hands r shakin
    and ovi u no nothin bout textin n fb shorthand…

  8. close friend of brandons family says:

    y dont u STOP being judgemental and visious bout simple spelling when i am hurting from the lose of my good friends baby boy… and u wanna talk THE LORD!?! well how will the lord look at u 4 bein malicious 2 a person who lost such a young innocent soul??? answer me that or r ur brains 2 small 2 come up wit that answer…

  9. close friend of brandons family says:


    1. notta says:

      Please stop yelling, it hurts our ears.

  10. Seth Putnam says:

    It is a terrible shame, that you weren’t the one who was in the accident. I’d guarantee that Brandon was a more useful human being than you. I don’t see how somebody like you can succeed in living as long as you have already. Maybe the punk shouldn’t have been running from the cops. One less leech on the federal teet, I suppose.

  11. frank ramirez says:

    If you are that upset about it, “shaking and crying”, then go visit a psychologist instead of arguing with strangers on the internet… something that you are clearly incapable of anyways.

  12. close friend of brandons family says:

    what a shame all u people think ur so high and might that ur above all else… instead of being compassionate u r acting like a bunch of heartless a’holes… good 4 u u have an education, so do i (deans list till i graduated) but i was so shocked and upset that i couldnt type correctly, i am only human and i bleed blood not gold like all of u, i didnt realize u were all gods above the lil people like me and all of brandons family (fyi brandon was not the driver just the passenger)… so have fun in hell on ur thrones…

  13. L says:

    I feel so very sad for Brandon and his family. May he rest in peace. The driver of the car is going to have to live w/this for the rest of his life which is punishment enough but what makes me sick is that the driver was bragging on his Facebook photo comments about how he was pulled over in August for the neon lights under his car and he “got away” with it and the court even “gave him money” That is what the town of Oxford is hearing is the very same reason the Seymour cop was trying to pull him over this time (the neon lights). He wouldn’t stop because he didn’t want to get in trouble again for the same thing and look where it got him. He’s just a kid but it’s still so sad.

  14. M.W says:

    It is very sad for what happened, and yes it was wrong for him not pulling over, but damn can some people just have so compassion, because The driver have to live with this for the rest of his life, and plus he lost a close friend may Brandon rest in peace.

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