The Jackson Laboratory announced last month it had hired its first research researcher for the billion-dollar-plus genetics laboratory at the University of Connecticut Health Center,   and now their website lists three jobs in Connecticut.

They’ve posted openings for a senior financial analyst,  a senior human resources manager,  and a facilities manager for the laboratory,  with preference to be given to Connecticut residents if candidates have equal qualifications.

Its arrangement with the state calls for Jackson to create and maintain 300 jobs.

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  1. Mad MaxtaxstateCT says:

    Preference to Connecticut residents if candidates have equal qualifications? That opens up a can of worms in the form of legal challenges for hiring discrimination..

    Can anyone do the math here? 3 jobs now, and eventually 300? Divide those two numbers into the hundreds of millions Malloy has thrown at them, funded by Connecticut taxpayers, some of whom lost their jobs. How can anyone be sure that 300 jobs will be created over a long period of time, to support the high cost to the state today? AND WE AREN’T ASSURED CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS WILL GET JOBS! So, AGAIN, what’s the common thread in Malloy’s actions? Union construction jobs! Payback.

  2. Herman says:

    Union Man – Danny “The Crook”

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