HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Some Connecticut families of murder victims are planning to publicly call on state legislators to repeal the state’s death penalty.

The family members of murder victims say they will gather at a press conference at the state Capitol next week to urge lawmakers to end capital punishment in Connecticut. The advocates say they plan on presenting the state legislators with a letter signed by over 100 murder victim family members who support the initiative.

The Feb. 29 press conference comes a week after lawmakers agreed to take up death penalty repeal legislation this session.

The legislature’s Judiciary Committee recently voted 23-to15 to raise the bill for discussion.

Last year, repeal legislation failed to gain enough support in the Senate to come up for a vote.

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  1. VOLTS says:


  2. Tom W says:

    The article as well as the protesters; signs should include a hint at their logic. With due respect to those who have experienced a murder in the family, I am strongly OPPOSED to repeal of the death penalty. With respect to those that say the current law does not work, then pressure your legislators to support FIXING the current process. It takes much too long, there are too many appeals and related delaying tactics, and there are states who have improved their laws. How can anyone not agree that the guilty parties in the Cheshire murders should have their death sentence carried out!!

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