The NCAA has turned down UConn’s proposal for self-imposed penalties  for the failure of the men’s basketball team’s to meet standards for academic progress.  Just this week what University President Susan Herbst described as “harsh” penalties were proposed by UConn,  including eliminating four games and the school’s share of the Big East portion of NCAA tournament money.  Without approval of its waiver request, the Huskies would be barred from postseason play next year.

A statement from UConn says the school will appeal to the NCAA Division I  Committee on Academic Performance’s Subcommittee on Appeals.

President Herbst says UConn is “deeply disappointed that our request for a waiver was denied, but we look forward to continuing the process.”  She repeated her point that barring the Huskies from the tournament would punish future students for the behavior of those who are no longer enrolled.

Comments (3)
  1. Libdumb says:

    Anything to get Jim to Retire.

  2. Joek says:

    Well I guess that’s it for Calhoun for next year, he will retire. Goodbye to Drummond and Lamb who will go pro after this year with no chance of the NCAA Tournament next year. I suspect many other will transfer. The end of era and the end of Uconn Men’s basketball being competitive again.

  3. Roy says:

    I think President Herbst putting the blame on the student athletes and not on UCONN athletics is misplaced. UCONN would not be in this situation if the placed more importance on education and less on the money grubbing athletics. I love UCONN basketball but not making sure these athletes had more than one choice for a career is misguided.

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