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There’s been no decision yet in the first hearing for a state worker accused of fraud in applications for federal food assistance following Tropical Storm Irene.

The employee,  Lisa Prout,  a single mother of two who works at Connecticut Valley Hospital,  says she told the pre-termination hearing that she answered the application truthfully. “I think pretty much it’s kind of at a standstill,” was the way she described the current situation on WTIC’s “State and Church” program.

Her attorney, Richard Rochlin, says her testimony showed the weaknesses of the application process.  “We’ve now pointed out some problems with their system, in that she actually listed all of the assets that she had, like money in bank accounts and whatnot.”

“My client stated truthfully how much was in her bank account.  The worker subtracted that and said that’s not counted because she had bills to pay,  and in her own writing, changed that.”


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