Typo Leads To Wrong Candidate’s Election In Connecticut

DERBY, Conn. (CBS Connecticut/AP) — A typo has led to the election of the wrong man to a finance board in Derby.

James J. Butler was the highest vote-getter, winning 1,526 votes for the 10-member Board of Apportionment and Taxation, which oversees the town’s finances.

However, his father, 72-year-old James R. Butler, was nominated by the Democratic Town Committee for a second, two-year term.

The News Times of Danbury and New Haven Register report that James R. Butler says his 46-year-old son is not interested in politics or serving in public office.

In a letter to Derby Town Clerk Laura Wabno, Republican Town Committee Chairman Tom Szewczyk urged local Democrats to figure out the obvious mistake.

“I understand that mistakes are made, but this one is especially unfortunate,” Szewczyk wrote. He added that if the younger Butler was to be sworn in and resign to let his father take the post, it would serve as a violation of Connecticut State’s election law. “This would also be a huge disservice to our voters.”

Wabno told CBS Connecticut that it is still uncertain what the Democratic party and town officials plan to do next for an error that could have been avoided in the summertime.

“The error was made in the caucus back in July and nobody picked up on it,” she said.

Dan Foley, who was the town’s Democratic nominee for mayor, also is confused of the outcome, saying it was simply a misprint.

“We just don’t know how it happened and are backtracking to find out how,” Foley, who lost to Republican incumbent Anthony Staffieri by just 28 votes, told the Connecticut Post.

Av Harris, spokesman for the secretary of the state’s office, has said James J. Butler should be sworn in because he was elected.

Messages left by CBS Connecticut for Democratic Town Chair Sheila Parizo were not immediately returned.

Local officials are to take office Dec. 3.

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  • Joseph

    Bush’s fault.

    • truk

      why doesn’t the guy change his name to match the ballot? no brainer

    • Spanky

      Surely this also involved the Tea Party, Reagan, Eisenhower, Lincoln, and those evil rich white males who founded this country and owned slaves.

      • DoggyDaddy
      • Ryan

        JeffLeatherneck, your facts are dubious. It was about slavery and always was about slavery.From the MIssour Compromise to the Compromise of 1850 to the Kansas-Nebraska Act to the Fugitive Slave Act to the Dred Scott Decisions to HRper’s Ferry. The debate over slavery became ever more violent –something a person with only a basic knowledge of history can grasp.

        I don’t know we’re you got your facts, but it was not from a history book.

      • John

        “The War of Northern Agression didn’t become about slavery until the late 1870′s and early 1880′s.”

        Ever heard of the 3/5 compromise? The issue had been boiling up long before the civil war, I think you need to go read a bit more about history.

      • Southern Man

        The Civil War was primarily about oppression of the agricultural south by the heavily populated industrialized New England states. Slavery was but one issue of many and, had the north not imposed so many oppressive taxes and tariffs on southern products, it may not have happened. The fat cats up north had a stranglehold on all the goods going in and out of the south and, in collusion with the politicians in Washington, were getting richer at the south’s expense. Lincoln didn’t get around to freeing the slaves until the war was almost over – kind of late in the game to be the cause of the war.

      • Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILED E-VERIFY

      • Mark Matis

        Now John, I would merely note that Lincoln NEVER freed the slaves in the North. But at least he is surely rotting in hell where he so truly belongs for what he did to this country.

      • LImey

        I am pertty sure Lincoln was the driving force behind ending slavery. What history book are you reading from?

      • JeffatLeatherneck

        LOL, just the facts. Lincoln’s plan was to send any freed slaves to Liberia or Belize. His General Grant was attended to by a slave owned by his wife throughout the entire war, while General Lee abhored slavery altogether. The War of Northern Agression didn’t become about slavery until the late 1870’s and early 1880’s.

      • Jahn Erlich

        @limey–the book of sarcasm?

      • FedUp Florida

        S;ave ownership was the domestication of the negro. See how our cities went to hell after releasing them? Big mistake there.

      • Old Buck Bill

        it was about slavery because of the economic repercussions it would have on the south…

    • Old and in the Way

      How do I reach these kids?!?!?

      • hillcoguy

        Use a club….

    • Old Buck Bill

      sounds more like Obama’s

  • jakartaman

    It Connecticut folks – Chris Dodd territory.
    Nothing to worry about
    Please move along

  • Danny

    You can’t swear in someone if they don’t accept the office.

    • hillcoguy

      So whats not to accept? Look at all the benefits from swilling at the public supplied trough? Opportunity knocks, we;come him in! FREEBIES! FREEBIES!!

  • Bryan

    This is why I love Drudge.

    • Keith

      i completely agree with you lol.

      • Richard


  • Fred Lopez

    connecticut sucks
    this is why it is now just losers and liberal left

    • Dave

      Not all of us, in CT, are liberals (just most) :-(

    • Sara

      Wow you’re ignorant, this could happen in any town.

      • Locke

        Sure, any town of Democrats.
        Even the candidate and his son were too braindead to realize the name was wrong. Those are some challenged folks, but typical or even high functioning for Democrats.

      • Zombie Eater

        he might be ignorant…but he is right…CT is full of liberal loons….of course the moron right wing isn’t much better either….everywhere I look all I see are zombies.

    • joey

      says the mexican

      • joey

        who, what locke? I dont understand your Ebonics. I see the neocon only cares about israel while the failed state of mexico is right on our open border sending in thousands of illegals. Love how he supports a minority hypocrite who badmouths a state that supports probably 5000 of his fellow “Lopez” family members. True, real conservatives there; I bet you support the dream act and dont live on the border. Probably have been on welfare himself, secret liberal bad mouthing obama to make true conservatives that care about this country look bad. Your liberal use of gangsta words like boi, the race card, and knowledge about the presidents friends leads me to think that you are liberal.

      • Locke

        Says the typical racist Democrat.

      • joey

        wow racist democrat. too bad im a true conservative, and I dont really care for minorities who bad mouth a whole state when they are ruining the country. You sound like a illegal sympathizer. Go live on the border.

      • Locke

        You’re as conservative as Obummer’s long nights with Reggie Love, his house boi.

  • Billv

    Nobody wants to buy that damn book. What is with the Ron Paul crazies and this book? Do they really think they are going to get him elected by spamming message boards?

    • Dawn Diego

      RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012! RON PAUL 2012!RON PAUL 2012!RON PAUL 2012!

      • Spanky

        Paul would be the same age (77) STARTING his Presidency that Reagan was FINISHING his.

        The odds of him getting dementia or Alzheimers in office are just too high. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how wonderful his policies are, he’s just too old FOR MOST VOTERS.

      • Richard

        Way off topic, I know, but Ron Paul is an isolationist. Isolationalism caused two world wars last century. Now many more times do we really need to repeat that mistake?

      • MiBu

        Isolationalism caused two wars for whom? If the US had NOT gotten involved in WWI, then Germany would have won and dominated Europe (like they do now?), we wouldn’t have had a communist Russia (Lenin would not have been allowed by the Germans to go to Russia), Nazi Germany would not have arisen, the middle east would not have been partitioned by the British in the ’20’s, Germany would not have been gutted to rise again in a 3rd Reicht, etc. and the history of the conflict of the rest of the 20th Century would have been truncated. Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, etc. probably wouldn’t have happened. Cause and effect since 1914 on. “Oh, we won’t come back til’ it’s over, over there.” Yeah, how did that work out for the US?
        Economically, if the Federal Reserve had not been enacted, the international banking cartel would not have been able to finance the wars that came along, including bailing out the British in the late ’20’s which led to the Great Depression. Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He just wants us not to get invloved in foreign entanglements. Is Switzerland isolationalist? No. Powerful military, doesn’t project power or stick its nose in everyone else’s business and just…conducts business.

      • The Boodge

        Wow, the Swiss have a powerful military? Are you serious? What have the Swiss done for the world in over 300 years? Paul will never be the POTUS!

      • texas58

        You have a point, but only to a degree. On a certain level isolationism certainly did get us into both WWI and WWII. Isolationism smacks of weakness to a bully and both the Germans, WWI, and Japanese, WWII, thought we were spineless and wouldn’t seriously confront their adventurism. Hence, they continued to push till we had no other choice but to go to war w/ them. If we had projected strength from the beginning in both cases, however, I think it far more likely neither of them would have tried us as they did. And as much as I like Ron Paul on most issues, he is an isolationist!

      • tsiok

        So let’s be strong isolationists!

      • Technorati

        How exactly did minding our own business start a war on the other side of the world? We tried to stay out of it, until the germans sank the lusitania in WWI and then asked Mexico to invade us. in WWII the Japanese bombed pearl Harbor…. sorry but isolationism didn’t cause us to get involved.

    • Canof Sand

      Judging by their activity over several years straight, now… apparently yes.

  • kimdi01

    The Democrats wanted one person and someone else won. Now there is a mistake? Say who? The voters or the Dumocrats?

  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=117109 NIGHTMARE: Man not running wins election... | Breaking News

    […] (First column, 7th story, link) […]

  • RedDragon6009

    Obviously the government isn’t banning this book if it is available on Amazon.
    I have no love for the government but I have even less respect for idiots such as yourself.
    That being said, Ron Paul has my vote regardless.

  • Chris

    Just take the job dude it’s only 2 years.

  • JPAttitude.com

    Just when you think Democrats can’t get any dumber…

    • Anon

      Dumber? Really? “can’t get any more dumb.” MORE DUMB. How do you expect to be taken seriously if you can’t use simple, proper English?

      • Floyd Smoot

        Wow, anon. Maybe YOU should try researching it just a little. Merriam-Webster (you know, the people who have been publishing dictionaries for about the last 200 years) defines “dumber” as a comparative to the adjective “dumb”, i.e. meaning “more than” just dumb.

        I suppose that makes you…dumber?

      • Zombie Eater

        you’re still dumber

  • JRB

    leave the position vacant!

  • Arthur

    wow, a bunch of left wing obama voters in CT just mindlessly punch the “D” option. idiots

    • Matt

      I couldn’t agree more, people are too lazy to know the name of the people they are electing, all they see is the D and think they will keep the free gravy train coming

      • Snaebjorn

        Exactly my sentiments! Anyone with a “D” in front is nothing but a commie or at least a commie sympathy.

      • OnTheRoadALot

        I think in November 2012 all anyone will see is the R lever.

      • Zombie Eater

        Democrats….Republicans……dumb and dumber

  • gary

    Ah Yes the informed voter …just proves people have no idea who they are voting for they just go to the polls like lemmings.

  • gary

    That’s the way to participate the population of Derby 12,391 and this guy not running won with 1,526 votes and we wonder how we end up with the politicians we have in office.

  • Jason Burnstein

    Typical Dumbocrats

  • WallyG

    It’s amazing isn’t it? Democrats just have no idea who they’re voting for! Brauin dead, mindless, intenmtionally uninformed and appartently proud ot it!

  • Abilene

    Stupid dems. Obviously products of government schools they created.

  • no_one_home

    Question. To be a democrat do you need to be wired stupid? It sure seems so.

  • chloe

    dumbo crats what do you expect?

  • jnsesq

    I’m confused. If Democrat voters don’t have to exist to vote, why do Democrat candidates have to exist to be elected?

    • Blackbird

      Awesome comment!

  • Richard

    Why not hold a special election with a corrected ballot, and bill the Democrats for the expense. They’re the idiots who made the misteak.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Keep things as is– far better for everyone to have someone who “is not interested in politics or serving in public office” than having yet another thieving Depressioncrat crook stealing the taxpayers’ money.

  • James

    I’m a conservative, but it’s really a sign of our divided times when people call fellow American voters “stupid” and “idiots” when they don’t know the middle initial of the one they’re voting for. Come on people, this mistake was made by whomever it was who printed up the ballots, not the voters. Democrats may very well be stupid, but this is NOT evidence of it.

    Lastly, I love Ron Paul, but this article has nothing remotely to do with Ron Paul, so why bring him up?

    • smokehouse56

      Looks like we have the flush out another liberal who says..”I’m conservative”

    • LEM


      Hypothetical – what if there’s more than oneJames J. Butler in town? Then, which one was supposedly elected?

      Obviously this was a typo. Seems there’s got to be a reasonably simple way to resolve it.

  • Dale

    As Nancy would say, You have to vote for it to see what it is!

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