The Hartford Superior Court jury considering the case of New Jersey blogger Hal Turner has found him  not guilty on both counts.

Turner was accused of “inciting injury to persons”  and second-degree threatening in connection with comments on his blog about Connecticut lawmakers.

Commenting on a proposal in the General Assembly two years ago that would have given lay members of  Catholic parishes more control over parish finances,  Turner said the bill violated  separation of church and state.  And he said Catholics should “take up arms”  and promised to post the home addresses of lawmakers.

Turner told the jury  that he’s being prosecuted for exercising his free speech right.  He said  he never intended for anyone to get hurt, but the prosecutor argued that  Turner’s targets were truly concerned about their safety.

When the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty on both counts,  Turner’s family gasped and hugged.

Comments (2)
  1. newenglandsnob says:

    A fair judgement, for once.

  2. Fred says:

    What a wast of taxpayers money. The state did this just for spite.

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