Invasive Sea Squirts Threaten Sound Shellfish

An invasive species of sea squirt is spreading in Long Island Sound —  and experts say it could threaten the $30 million shellfishing industry in the sound.

University of New Haven marine biologist Carmella Cuomo says the university has started an effort to try to control the spread of the pest,  including asking b boaters to report seeing the invertebrates, and pulling them off the lines and disposing of them on shore, rather than throwing them back in the water.

She says before now,  the sea squirts, which originated in Korea,  had been confined to the New London-Groton area in Connecticut,  but now have spread west as far as Bridgeport.

  • Bob C

    The photo with this story is not a sea squirt

    • WTIC News

      Thanks again. We have checked the UNH website, which provided photos of more than one invasive species. The photograph now posted should be correct.

    • WTIC News

      Thank you; we will check. The University of New Haven provided a link to their photos, and we chose from that.

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