Treasurer’s State Car Cited As Un-Registered, Un-Insured By Hartford Police

State Treasurer Denise Nappier was pulled over on Barbour Street in Hartford, her state vehicle towed, and she was left to walk home last Thursday night.

Prosecutors say they found no basis for the actions by Hartford police, who charged Nappier with operating an un-registered vehicle, having no insurance, and mis-use of plates.

Hartford State’s Attorney Gail Hardy says she reviewed the case and found no violations of any motor vehicle or criminal statutes,  and no basis for issuing a summons or towing the vehicle.  She met Friday with Hartford Police Chief Darryl Roberts and says she’ll ask the judge to dismiss all the charges.

The car was returned to the state Treasurer’s office Friday


  • BigRay

    I got pulled over with expired plates in New Britain and had my car towed and was forced to find my own way back home with my pregnant wife … its racism I tell ya, racism …. oh wait, I’m white … damn, I can’t blame it on anybody!

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