Police say an Ohio skydiver had a close call when a re-programmed safety device stolen from a South Windsor company caused his reserve parachute to open and become entangled in his main chute.

The small computers are used to deploy a reserve parachute at a specific height,  if the main chute does not open.  The safety devices which were taken had been re-programmed for product testing to open at a higher-than standard altitude, and had a warning label —  but police believe the label was removed before the device, known as a Cypress,  was sold.

A three-month investigation led police to  30-year-old Justin Shorb, now of Derry, New Hampshire.  He’s charged with larceny and reckless endangerment.  Police say he has helped them track the buyers.   They he sold each Cypress — which retails for $1,200 to $1,800 over the internet for $400 to $800.


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