The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection today announced that a mountain lion killed in Milford in June came from South Dakota.

The department said the wild animal was tracked as it moved through Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This mountain lion is probably the same one spotted earlier in Greenwich, according to the DEEP.

The department says this is the first time a wild mountain lion has been confirmed in Connecticut in more than a century.

The department says there is still no evidence of a native population of mountain lions in Connecticut.

DNA tests showed that the animal’s genes matched those of mountain lions living in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

Click here to see DEEP photos and a map of the mountain lion’s apparent travels.

The mountain lion’s DNA matched samples collected from an animal at one site in Minnesota and at three sites in Wisconsin, according to the department.

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  1. John says:

    well at least they are not claiming its someone’s pet. I wonder if its normal for this cat to travel so far from home. One of the goods that come from this admission is that they DEEP won’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t be able to tell those people in the state that they have seen mountain lions in connecticut that “they have made a mistake”. Its it sound like these guys just didn’t want to do there jobs. If someone espcially a child gets killed by one of these things there well be hell to pay. Maybe it brought 199 more like it to claim millions from the taxpayers of connecticut.

  2. UconnJim says:

    Finally some satisfaction for me and neighbors who saw a mountain lion in Litchfield in (get this) 1988! But they tell us we did not see what we saw. Folks, do not trust this Orwellian government.

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