UPDATE – Local Officials, Residents Trying To Preserve Ferries.

By STEPHEN DOCKERY, Associated Press

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (AP) _ A round of budget cuts in Connecticut is forcing the nation’s oldest operating ferry to close.

Historical archives say the Rocky Hill Ferry has been crossing the Connecticut River between the towns of Rocky Hill and Glastonbury continuously since 1655.

It is among two historic ferries that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has put on the chopping block to close a $1.6 billion budget gap.

Historical documents say the ferry began with pole-operated boats run by families from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The state took over its operation in 1915 and Connecticut archivists say it has been in service longer than any other ferry in the United States.

Residents are sad to see the ferry go, saying it’s a favorite summertime destination for locals and tourists.

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  1. Spanky says:

    Please provide a link to support your assertion concerning the cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and wherever else you think we are at war.

    1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      I wonder if your mother still does your laundry too.So sad how degenerate you and your ilk are and that everything has to done for you.

      Cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting


      1. Fran says:

        Your original statement referred to US taxpayer cost not some imagined “real” cost described by the referenced article. I love your trite reference to my dead mom. So cute! I bet you are fun to discuss things with. The actual cost is 1.2 trillion. Look it up.

  2. Spanky says:

    I agree that the Obamunists and their Dear Leader need to go, but I don’t see why we have to subsidize a ferry just because someone else did 100 years ago.

    1. CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

      I wonder if former CT. resident, Barry Obama, ever rode the ferry? http://www.BirtherReport.com

    2. Dr. Nemo says:

      Right that makes sense. I don’t know why we have to follow the constitution just because some folks signed it in 1788. Tradition really means nothing in this country.

  3. Ryan says:

    6 illegal wars? There are no such things as illegal was for law only matters if it can be enforced. Secondly, what are the 6 “illegal” wars?

    The fact that you cannot even spell Franklin and link a conspiracy site tells us that you are an ignorant, mentally unbalance person who has no credibility.

    1. bob says:

      Failure to enforce a law doesn’t make the crime legal. The result is lawlessness for the political class. An illegal war is one where Congress did not declare war, as required by the Constitution. When did Congress declare war on Afghanistan ,Iraq or Libya? See how much easier it is go kill people when nobody is held responsible?

    2. Mune Shadowe says:

      Other than trashing the individual for punctuation and misplacement of letters are you even able to legitimately bring up something to prove them wrong?

    3. Don L says:

      “There are no such things as illegal was for law only matters if it can be enforced”

      That’s an unecessarily rough comment and vicious personal attacks can’t erase questions about your own ignorance (as if enforcement is the criterion that determines the legality of something)

  4. Eyeball says:

    The state should sell the Ferry. Privatizing it would make it better.

    1. Spanky says:

      It’s possible that no private business would want to operate the ferry because it probably loses money. Unless it fulfills some critical function, it shouldn’t be funded with taxpayer money.

      1. bob says:

        They can charge more money if people are willing to pay

      2. dennis says:

        Helloooo…. it was PRIVATE until 1915!!!
        Leave it to the government to drive it into bankruptcy!

      3. CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

    2. Fluidizer says:

      The Gobner is a RHINO Doc, simple.

    3. SSEI says:

      We use the one in Chester 8 to 10 times a year. Daughter loves it. Use it as a scenic way to Gillette. A couple of weeks ago did the Essex Steam Train, Hadlyme Ferry, and Riverboat Connection. Would highly recommend it.

      I went through the list of cuts. It’s funny how nothing is itemized, though.
      How much money will actually be saved? Is there an alternative (reduced hours, for example)? Was there ever a cost analysis done (How will it impact things in the area)?

      It’s also funny to me that these cuts were presented after the Unions (that got the Gov elected) embarrassed him by not accepting the shame of a deal he presented. Now the Union Leaders are in the process of changing their charter to find a way to save face with the Governor.
      Anyone know if the Governor has Chicago ties?

      Cuts in general are great.

      Just funny how you can have the highest tax increase in State History, have money for a failing Hospital, a Magic Bus no will use,a speed rail to nowhere, and a $1B surplus built into the budget. Have a Gov talk about CT being open for business, yet do not have enough money to keep Restrooms open at rest areas or keep a Historical Landmark (that is at least a bit functional and generates some income) in operation.

      Is there a way that people that actually pay taxes in this state, could have more of a say how money is spent then those the Government actually pays to live in this state?

      Still haven’t understood how those that do not pay taxes, get a tax return check.

    4. Sully says:

      Ct. can’t be cash strapped they just recently decided to subsidize illegal aliens at state colleges. If they’ve got money for that they’ve got money for anything.

  5. CTSid says:

    The evil White man must have built it. Tear it down! Rename it MLK crossing….
    I’ll bet it’d have INSTANT funding!

    1. Spanky says:

      How about calling it The Malcom X’ing?


      1. Theosebes Goodfellow says:

        Oh Spanky! You naughty, naughty wit! 🙂

      2. SailorV says:

        Ha! Good one. There are a lot of fertile minds out there in cyber space.

      3. King Ghidora says:

        Now that’s funny.

      4. eman says:

        and he couldn’t swim

    2. Rev. Richard says:

      That is funny

  6. Robert Exton says:

    Last I checked, the military and protecting America is in the US. Constitution, running ferries is not. Besides your mixing State with the Federal Government, and military spending is about 3% of the budget,giving money to illegal aliens takes more money than the military gets. Spending money on the worthless liberal agenda costs more money. We know that Liberal have a unfounded fear of the military and protecting America, beside being Oikophobic

  7. cojo says:

    This ferry operated privately for over 260 years before being taken over by the state. If there is a viable need, private industry will fill that need.
    The boats and the infrastructure are already in place.
    May be a nice opportunity for someone instead of a constant drain on all taxpayers.

    1. Gregg Weber says:

      I suspect that the state, just to prove a point, will come down on any buyer so that it won’t be sold or make a profit.
      I wonder if they can have an auxiliary ferry with poles. Half price if you grab a pole. Sell t-shirts and refreshments at both shores. Where is Mike Fink?
      Can’t be done here. Lake Washington is too deep.

      1. MikeHenrySC says:

        GREAT IDEA!

    2. MikeyB says:

      Greg, you entrepreneur, you, get your a$$ to CT, they need you to save their ferry. I’d be happy to pay for my kids and me to grab a pole and cross the river. So much more of a cultural experience than just a ride across the river.

    3. Phillep Harding says:

      Cojo, It was not insured and there were fewer regulations to follow back before the state took over.

    4. SeattleSteve says:

      I like all of the psuedo libertarian talk, it’s neato.

      History actually matters, especially as it relates to our origins as a nation. The ferry represents something which is rare in the US. Not very many things that are over 200 years old, let alone over 350!

      This is an exception to the private sector argument, which I generally support 99% of the time.

      History is viable and shouldn’t be subjected to current market whims.

      With that said, I can’t see how the operation of this ferry is that much more than the bloated entitlement in the NY NJ bedroom state. Surely there are other things to cut first, like maybe benefits to illegal aliens, lifelong welfare, privatize a majority of state jobs, close down dysfunctional contracts, remove pork projects, lower small business taxes, promote industry, promote tourism by touting such attractions…

      1. chuhyona says:

        Welfare receipients who are capable of work will keep needed services. Liberals would never implement Work for Benifits because they would lose thier Parasitic Base.

    5. Mark says:

      Yea buddy. When you get done analyzing that business opportunity please give me a call about a stunning land opportunity I have available for you.

      This is a classic example of the “creative” waste governments come up with to squander hard-earned taxpayer money.


  8. cojo says:

    Yeah, but waddya think about the ferry?

    1. Ahdy says:

      I agree. Hopefully the webmaster will delete all the comments unrelated to the ferry.

      1. Spanky says:

        Such as yours? 🙂

  9. deRuiter says:

    Eyeball has it right! privatize the ferry service. The ferry will be run better, more safely, and at a profit. Jobs will be created and money generated locally by tourists. The government can’t do anything as well as private industry. PRIVATIZE THE FERRY!

    1. Spanky says:

      Or it may go out of business because as cute as it may seem, it’s entirely possible that it is not cost-effective. We lose all visibility into that when something is government-run.

    2. Dr. Nemo says:

      Correct! The government has never created such a mess as the gulf oil spill. When you want something messed up on a massive scale without even the pretense of serving the populace we know where to turn. Unregulated, unfettered capitalism is grand isn’t it?

      1. mediaspork says:

        “Unregulated and unfettered”? Are you really that big of a moron?

        How about instead we have the U.S. Government agencies that are assigned to ensure compliance to the dozens of laws and regulations on the books not being so deeply in bed with the corporations that they are supposed to be monitoring.

        Unfettered capitalism would be better because at least we wouldn’t all be under the illusion that your wonderful government was taking care of it so that we can all sleep soundly at night knowing the the fishies and dolphins are safe.

      2. David says:

        Guess you forgot the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill that released a billion gallons of coal ash slurry into the river and nearby town. Oh and TVA is run by the federal government.

      3. Scott says:

        Dr. Nemo – only a doctor in your dreams…do you think these kinds of disasters only happen under “Capitalism”? And do you think the “fettering” makes us more safe? The Gulf Oil Spill ended up with ZERO envirnonmental impact…unless you count the government shutting off fishing, tourism, and more drilling – then it was a WHOPPER of a disaster. If you actually could read, Halliburton was the one that recommended more safety on the rig, but that was in excess of GOVT standards. A true doctor would have known that…

      4. Brian Wilkin says:

        The Government has never created such a mess? Really?? What would you call the $15 Trillion dollars debt our Government has created?

      5. Spanky says:

        In 1995, Clinton took credit for getting the DWRRA (Deep Water Royalty Relief Act) passed. Basically it gave over $100B in incentives to oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. The well that leaked was there because of the DWRRA,

        In the DWRRA, there was not even one single mention of safety or dealing with leaks.

        You can thank Slick for the leak.

      6. Spanky says:

        “Correct! The government has never created such a mess as the gulf oil spill. ”

        Absurd logic.

        The government has never been responsible for getting oil out of the ground and into our vehicles.

        However, the government has done horrible things, like destroying the black family with a welfare system (the Great Society) that paid families MORE money if the father left the home.

  10. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie says:

    This is a state issue not a Federal issue. States must balance their books. Am familiar with the Rocky Hill ferry and don’t want to see it go. Hope some folks can get together to keep it going. Gee whiz Connecticut is over loaded with hedge funds gillionaires maybe they can save it. Very beautiful part of the Connecticut River where the ferry operates.

    1. kenema says:

      Liberals want to use your money, not their own.

      1. Dr. Nemo says:

        It is the function of a state to collect taxes and create services in the best interests of the populace. The disagreement lies only in what services are sufficiently important to justify taxation. If you don’t believe in taxation you cannot believe in modern governance.

      2. Dr. Nemo says:

        Oh and this is a story about a Democratic governor proposing budget CUTS. Are you opposed to budget cuts?

      3. codeman says:

        I am opposed to democrat governors.

      4. Spanky says:

        Dr. Nemo said: “If you don’t believe in taxation you cannot believe in modern governance.”

        Ah, so all taxation is justified?

  11. jw362 says:

    We have a similar situation here. A ferry that had operated since the mid 1700’s, always as a private business, was taken over by the county because they had regulated it to the point that no private person could keep up with the constant requirements and sustain any profit. Since the county assumed control, it’s in and out of service every time a new budget comes up. There is nothing that government can do consistently and efficiently except spend other peoples’ money.

  12. cojo says:

    I remember about a year ago as I was crossing the CT River on the ferry to the south (the one that crosses beneath Gillette’s Castle),a fellow passenger was imploring others aboard to “write your legislators, write the Governor, etc”.
    She wanted action to “Save the Ferry” from budget cuts.
    I also remember thinking that it is inherently unfair that all CT taxpayers should have to foot the bill for this extremely expensive enterprise. If it is capable of surviving in the hands of private individuals, then I believe that is the way to go.
    The state will receive reduced liablity and additional revenues through concession fees. The taxpayer will be less burdened because only those who actually use the ferry will have to pay. Of course, they will pay more than what the crossing fee currently is, but not Grandma in Stamford nor Uncle Toonoose up in Norwich nor Mystic Mama who never use it.

  13. Fran says:

    Fanny must be a product of the public school. She can’t do simple math.

  14. MGWilson says:

    Reread the article once more to see the year that the State of Connecticut took over the operation of that once private business. The State must have been pressured to take it over because it was not making a profit and was being shut down!!

  15. Brad says:

    There are two bridges less than 3 miles in each direction of the ferry – IT IS A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY!

    1. Spanky says:

      Are you talking about Rte 3 and Rte 17? The former is about 4 miles away and the latter is about 8 miles away.


      1. 51 Phantom says:

        4 miles & 8 miles, WOW! Why, that’d take at least a half gallon of gas round trip! And what, maybe all of 15 minutes. Well we can be havin’ that. Run that Ferry and Budget into the ground!

  16. O-REALLY says:




    1. Spanky says:


      Never happens. Everything is always someone elses fault.

  17. O-REALLY says:

    All this proves is People were more knowledgeable and better keepers of
    finances in 1655 then in 2011

    1. Spanky says:

      It might also prove that times and transportation needs have changed.

  18. Jack B says:

    No money for Ferries but plenty of cash to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    1. mct says:

      I guess we have nut jobs in Ct as well as elsewhere

      1. Spanky says:

        Democrat Governor.

        Two Democrat Senators.

        Five Democrat House Members (zero Republicans).

        Yep, it’s safe to say they have plenty of nut jobs in CT.

      2. Dr. Nemo says:

        Right. Republican governor from 1995-2004 who resigned due to corruption and was followed by a republican governor from 2004-2011.

      3. Pynckone says:

        This in a state where the dimocrats have an overwhelming majority in both houses for years and the dumb ass unions vote themselves to be laid off! The liberal mind is such a terrible thing when its wasted!

      4. Krystina says:

        Is that the best you can do? Call someone a nut job, good job- gold star for you.

    2. mjazz says:

      Yup. That’s all the government wastes money on, just Israel.

    3. Rich Lee says:

      What does Israel have to do with the ferry?
      How about the UCONN Medical Center being built where nobody can get to it and costing $900 million in a State with only 3 million people?
      How stupid is that?????

    4. 51 Phantom says:

      Really? The CT state government has a war in Israel in it’s budget? Really?

  19. cojo says:

    Actual little known fact about the real “oldest continuously operated ferry in the nation:

    It is the one used by the Outlaw Josie Wales and Sam Bottoms escaping from Captain Redlegs just after the War Between the States and run by Sim Carstairs, his helper Lemuel and a horse with name unknown.
    I have it on good authority that the ferry is still in operation and is still run by Sim, who, depending upon whom is crossing, can still sing “..either the Battle Hymn of the Republic, or Dixie, with equal enthusiasm..”

  20. Dan says:

    Sad to see a venerable old institution like the Ferry going away. Puts me in mind of Tuttle’s Red barn farm market up in Dover, New Hampshire. They’ve been a single-family-owned farm continuously since 1632! Almost closed a year ago, but was taken partly over by a Historical Society. Perhaps this will also happen with the Ferry.

    I’ve never ridden it, but I still would hate to have it end.

  21. Aki Bola says:

    The state has twice as many highly paid managers than it needs, but Malloy chooses to cut police and ferries and DMV service and things that affect us. Those should be the last to be cut, not the first. He’s a piece of ….
    Never mind a union revote, how about a governor revote, this time without the Bridgeport cheating!

    1. Spanky says:

      Some folks, usually unionistas, always go after management, regardless of the facts.

    2. jaymallot says:

      Wouldn’t be Connecticut if the Dems couldn’t cheat. Funny how they never find bags of votes to change cliffhanging elections in red states.

  22. trajan long says:

    Don’t touch those state pension scammers and double and triple dippers the Dems handed out around the US>

  23. Scott says:

    When we here in Connecticut get rid of the Dumacrats everything will slowly start to get better. I’ve lived my whole life here in the Northeast and I have just about had enough of these tax-and-spend Liberals. Everything about them, in fact, just makes me sick.

    Malloy is no budget-cutter. Don’t let CBS (Communist Broadcasting System) fool you. Taxes are either on the rise or tax credits are disappearing. Enough already! The people need to wake up and vote the Dumacrats out of office.

  24. Scott says:

    Dumbocrats….excuse my misspelling.

    1. CasOb says:

      You really do believe everything Glann Beck and Rush Linbaugh spout. That way ypu dont have to think for yourself, which in your case is probably quite convenient. They give you the little sayings, the clever litttle wordplays, everything!!

  25. indie says:

    Sadly, states always choose to cut heritage related services, rather than actual FAT from their budgets. Which is more important? The jobs that this ferry brings to that area in the form of heritage tourism or the union state employee’s pensions?

    1. Lon says:

      You noticed that too, eh? They’ll cut police, fire, parks, and libraries. They never mention city government.

      I used to live in Glastonbury in the ’70’s and remember this ferry well. Such a shame.

  26. Ahdy says:

    If the state government wasn’t communist they would sell the ferry corporation back to the private sector. That way they’d not only have no expenses for running it, they’d get some money to boot.It did after all spend most of that long history as a private enterprise. No reason it can’t go back.

  27. Durga says:

    OK, the ferry is a nice bit of history. But, it can’t be supported with tax dollars anymore. After all, we’ve got the salaries and benefits of state government hacks and cities full of welfare parasites and criminal predators to pay for.

    1. rstar says:

      Oh yes, cut the ferry and increase welfare, food stamps , do you like that Govt cheese?

  28. Just Sayin says:

    If they named is “Fairy” then it would be a protected class with several mentions in every textbook about its contributions to society.

  29. Bill says:

    Ain’t communism a wonderful thing?

    1. JWood says:

      Diego, How much did you pay to use the ferry back in the 70s.

  30. lyn2 says:

    Privatize the state and federal government. Stop subsidizing anything,, even streets, water purification, sewage treatment, enforcement of weights and measures, printing of money, police forces, fire departments, bank regulation, criminal and civil courts, legislation, It can all be done better and cheaper by private industry.

  31. sailordude says:

    Funny isn’t Conn. run like 100% by DEMOCRATS?

    They elected that dude to the Senate who campaigned saying he was a war vet, and thought nothing of it to give him a big win! All because he is a DEMOCRAT.

    Yet no where in the story does it say DEMOCRAT.!!!!

    Two things, you people wanted DEMOCRATS so quit your whining and pay the big Unions and lose your nicities,

    And, would AP news report that way about a Republican making cuts to the oldest ferry in the USA? Oh please. What a crock all around I’m so sick of the stupidity of the American voters to get us here.

    1. Dr. Nemo says:

      The governor was Jodi Rell (REPUBLICAN) from 2004-2011. She followed REPUBLICAN John Rowland (REPUBLICAN) who had been governor from 1995-2004 and resigned due to corruption charges. Want to rethink your point?

      1. Fluidizer says:

        Nope. One was a criminal, the other was a RHINO.

      2. moondoggy13 says:

        Both had to deal with democrat legislators and bloated government unionized workers.

      3. Sam says:

        Your point is moot. The fact is the legislature if this state has been run by and for democrats forEVER. Until now, they’ve been held slightly in check by the criminal and the RINO. With their fellow democrat/union leader in the state house it’s plain to see that we are scr*wed.

  32. proudnot2bliberal says:

    How about CT keeps the ferry & gets rid of malloy?

  33. rstar says:

    The Libturds and Odummber keep on destroying instead of solidifying! Another example of a Democap run state

  34. livefreeordie1776 says:

    Yeah, just because the fleecing of the taxpayer, profligate government mismanagement, corruption, graft and waste has been occurring for a long time it does not mean it has to go on for another minute while the feckless politicians cut miniscule expenditures like this ferry which cuts at the soul of the local population. The people have never been more dopey and masochistic than they are today. Get rid of the stinking politicians not the ferry!

  35. Kelvin says:

    Still waiting for Malloy to follow through with his 6,500 state employee layoffs.
    He took all of a NY minute to raise taxes, some retroactive to January 1st, but since the union negotiations went down the tubes, Malloy and the incompetent Sen. Pro Tem Williams have been looking for a way for the unions to have a “do over” vote.
    Democrats have controlled the CT legislature for 3 decades and have run the state into the ground. Now, with a liberal Democrat governor, they can stick a fork in CT, it’s done.

  36. HC Here says:

    It is being replaced by a $200 million high speed rail between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury. Thiswill cut four minugtes off the trip.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Haha, $200 million per foot maybe once the union looting is done. But have no fear, Biden says it’ll create jobs and will break even in a mere 18 billion years, assuming it runs at capacity the whole time at $263,000 per passenger.

  37. Jake says:

    Let’s see, it lasted 260 years in private hands, and not a hundred years government run. Mmmmmm.

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      Congratulations! This was the correct answer.

  38. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Joe Lieberman demands that Israel must come first.

    AIPAC agrees 100%

  39. Sam Wagner says:

    Who would have immagined that allowing ferries to marry would lead to this.

  40. rstar says:

    Must be Bushes fault

    1. Spanky says:

      Or maybe Reagan’s fault…

  41. edword says:

    You can have a burgeoning roll of grossly overpaid govt workers or…..

  42. Gregg Weber says:

    Just for the fun of it, go to Google Maps and find it. It is just to the east of Rocky Hill, CT and has a bridge to the north and another to the south. And yet people cross there. There must be some reason.
    Look at the cars on the ferry or parked in the parking lots at both ends. Some could be waiting and others had drivers who walked aboard and walked to their job.
    Looks in the photos like an expensive boat. I wonder if something cheaper and more attractive might replace it when it is finally replaced.
    Might I suggest Mike Fink, or one of the names of those two flatboats.

    1. wells munsell says:

      Not an expensive boat at all. I’ve ridden it hundreds of times. There’s a captain and a mate. How expensive can it be to run?
      The democrat loves to cut programs that inflict the most pain n the most people, thereby extracting their revenge on those who demand they cut spending. I’m certain there are many hacks on the state payroll whose salaries are equal to the annual budget of the ferry.

  43. gbn says:

    And more and more will continue to move….

    1. Spanky says:


      (I thought I’d fill in for the resident liberals).


  44. richard Allen says:

    What a BONE-HEAD Governor………….a 1250foot ferry ride or 20 miles to circle around to the other side

    How did this thing get elected?

  45. Arvadadan says:

    Read before you comment…..

  46. REXHANDSOM says:

    I didn’t know you could use the F WORD…. Use the G word…

  47. offended says:

    II can’t imagine what the bloat is on this little ferry operation. How much could this possibly cost? One thing is for sure, private enterprise could not profit on this operation due to one thing——over regulation.

  48. Socialist Pig says:

    “The state took over its operation in 1915”

    … two years before the bolsheviks did this in Russia. My condolences, comrades.

  49. Spitball says:

    Funny how the state’s way of dealing with this is to shut it down to save money. A private business would sell it for whatever it could get for it. Why not see if anyone is interested in buying the ferry before simply pulling the plug?

    1. Spanky says:

      The state probably realizes that there isn’t enough traffic to justify having the ferry.

  50. Vinny says:

    So Connecticut will finally take its rightful place as another shining example of voting for democrats the majority of the time.

    I also see you lost that status of having no tax on clothing, start counting the retailors going out of business in CT. It’s great to be a Lib state. Like NY,MA,IL,OH,MI,VT,CA,WA etc. A wonderful club to be in, don’t you think!

    1. Sam says:

      No Vinny. It sucks.

  51. Zuni says:

    Typical Democrat ran state that is in financial trouble; who would expect any different.

  52. daveugber says:

    it can – and will – function again… PRIVATIZE IT!!!

  53. Gern Balansten says:

    Fire Obama and let him drive the boat…

    1. Spanky says:

      Would YOU want to ride on a boat being steered by Captain Barry?

    2. L. Lind says:

      Sound idea. Other Muslims operate many of the gasoline service stations, motels, quick-marts, dry cleaners, retail operations, etc. Why not let one operate a ferry?

  54. MrLogical says:

    The ferry won’t be shut down. All of these threatened cuts by “Liar Liar” Malloy are mere posturing to get the unions to accept hissmilie & mirror ‘cuts’ that really won’t close the budget gap, and will explode at the end of his term of office. The union will play the game because they don’t want to lose the $5 million per yerar in dues that woul flow to Democrats. Unions are the biggest money laundering machine that the Democrats have

    Don’t be fooled. The ferry will continue to operate – the people who run the ferries are unionized..

  55. Gern Blansten says:

    Don’t make this a gay rights thing… ferries should be allowed to operate on the river.

  56. biff hardy says:

    If U believe in the tooth ferry!?

  57. George says:

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Pakistan…yep, 6 wars at the same time.

    The ferry is, from what I was told, self sustaining. It wasn’t a drain on the budget. The fees charged were sufficient to pay for the operation. If that is true, then why shut it down?

    We just rode the Becky Thatcher up the CT river yesterday and the tour guide pointed out the oldest continuously operating ferry in the US and said that it was making enough revenue to pay for its operation.

    This only makes sense if the tour guide was wrong or if the Governor is being a bully to try to get his way with the budget. Sheesh…he already passed the largest tax increase in CT history, and now he can’t afford the ferry? Huh?

    1. Spanky says:

      “he already passed the largest tax increase in CT history, ”

      He’s a Democrat.

  58. Bob123 says:

    If it’s anything like the ferries we have in Seattle it will always lose money no matter how much they raise ticket prices. The Inland Boating Union will make sure there are 80 engineers and 195 managers all making six figures milking it to an early multimillion retirement at 55 years old. They’ll obfuscate questionable overtime records and hide behind a hired PR spokesperson and lawyers when the media comes asking. That’s how they do it here and don’t you dare question it because it is for you safety you see.

    1. George says:

      No, I think it is only like 2 guys…the skipper and a deck hand. At most it is 4 guys. They do not operate 24/7…so there just isn’t that much overhead. The ferry is closed all winter, too.

  59. Rob says:

    Just privatize the thing. It should never have been state run.

  60. Vinny says:

    Oh but the cost of allowing iillegals into this country IS part of the problem, just like the democrats courting the union vote and the cost of benefits through the roof especially at the state and local level.

    States are being killed with providing services to illegals especially big DEM states like yours especially, and why you may ask?, for their vote of course when they make them all citizens and vote for DEMS. like CT. Crime increases, healthcare increases, school taxes increase but your a Lib state and that shouldn’t bother you. You do have to REDISTRIBUTE the weath you know, that is from the President you know.

    Wake up, our country is being destroyed to the point that it is unrecognizable and the Democrarts have been in total charge since 1/07. How low we have come. But not all of us have fallen as quickly as CT. As I said before, I don’t want to rain on your parade especially on a day when congrats are in order on CT joining the Lib state losers club. Democrats need only to apply.

  61. fireplug says:

    Just stop welfare payments to the illegal trash in CT. Problem solved

  62. BFrank says:

    Ferry’s ,grabbing poles, Oh my, where is this?

    1. Spanky says:

      “Ferry’s ,grabbing poles, Oh my, where is this?”

      From your place, Barney, it’s just a hop, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, and a jump.

  63. Patriot42 says:

    If the horse was designed by the government it would have turn signals and 15 MPH bumpers. Everything the government has their fingers in they let the idiots regulate the life out of it. The colleges put out these specialists that feel ever aspect of life should be regulated.

  64. Ed says:

    Rather than getting rid of the ferry they get rid of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens that get paid about 14,000 each year in benefits?
    Heck, they could pack the ferry full and send it off to Mexico.

    1. Terry says:

      I am with uou on this one

  65. Big Leo says:

    We just sold our family farm in the valley we’ve lived in for over 240 years. The taxes exceeded any possible income from it. Sad to see it go However, the only worse thing would have been for the government to finance the farm so it stayed in the Schmidt family. All the very independent Schmidts on the farm would have turned over in their graves and created a major earthquake.

  66. Lou sharrttorettoal.net@sbcglob says:

    watch out yale,u may be next.

  67. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I like tourists and tourist places. I’m all in. In truth, I’m often a tourist, myself — patronizing those interesting places.

    But the story says the state took over the operation of the ferry almost a century ago. The state has, by simple logic, been propping up a money-losing operation for all of my lifetime plus a few years of my parents. Ick!

    Hereabouts, we used to have a place called Lion Country Safari. I went once and it was kinda interesting, but it wasn’t crowded. Hint!

    The State of California did not take it over and operate it at a loss after it went broke. All the state did was make sure the animals all went to zoos, not to restaurants. (Do you connect with that imagery?)

    You guys had a ferry, we had Lion Country Safari. Deal with it.

    Peace and Love,
    Your friend, JM

    1. Mary Just says:

      You Californicating liberal progressives are so much smarter than us common folk. Why not split from the union with all your illegals and form the perfect country.

      1. TenStrings says:

        here here! I;ve grown so tired of the liberal mindset and their willingness to throw away our history, constitution, and our values for their ideal of a so-called utopion paradise –that can never exist. I sure wish the predictions of California breaking off and floating out to sea were true and all the libs would go along for the ride. As for the ferry, I’d buy it if I could. Heretage is heretage. Keep it!

    1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

      Why does Barry have a Social Security Number, reserved ONLY for CT. applicants? http://www.cashill.com/intellect_fraud/another_look_at_obamas.htm

  68. Bill S says:

    Has anyone who posted here used the ferry in the past ten years?

  69. Jay says:

    I love the ferry and I demand that we keep it.
    For $800 billion we should have the ferry, 10 bridges and a 15 tunnels and each have 2 flying cars

  70. Mary Just says:

    Another Democrat stronghold in decline with decades of debt, high taxes and very little freedom in a police state. Yup you Democrats sure are the more intelligent and caring bunch. You have a huge illegal alien population with a local government that is friendly and accomodating to them but hostile and indifferent to citizens. Why do you live in CT because of low taxes, low crime, good weather, high wages. Maybe you Democrats can move to another state and destroy that one to.

  71. Footing the Bill says:

    The ferry won’t end and the bathrooms at the rest stops on the highway will remain open the state police will be back on the job along with the prison guards. The DMV will be open too, it’s all just a scare tatic. The Union is getting a do-over in their vote and in the end everything will be back the way it was.

  72. Dianna says:

    Why can’t the people who use it support it by paying for it? Seriously, why do we have to depend on government to do it? That Ferry didn’t start off being paid for by a government. Why should it die because a government won’t pay for it today?

    Hello people, government is NOT the answer! WE ARE!

  73. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    There are at least 365 ferry’s in San Francisco you could axe to save money.

  74. Mary Just says:

    I moved out of the NE 2 decades ago and my property taxes went from $ 3000 to $ 800 on a 2X better home. We just sold it all and relocated knowing it was the better move. We eventually both landed good jobs and the rest is history. Our friends would come to visit from NY and CT and complain about their plight but never took the risk of moving. Today my fathers very modest home has almost $ 8000 in property taxes. We are paying $ 1800 for a 3200 sq ft home, built in pool and spa plus a 3 car garage.
    Who is left in the NE with dignity, self respect or courage. Here I own guns, have beautiful weather, low taxes. Even the Democrats must know it is their party that ruined the states and cities in the NE. We would live to have you leave the union or maybe us leaving before you pull us down to your level.

  75. KEITH HOFFMANN says:


  76. jam says:

    Fear not.. I’m sure a private business man will step in and run the ferry more effectively and more efficiently. Perhaps it is symbolic that it goes back to it’s roots.

  77. MikeHenrySC says:

    If this ferry were part of African American or Native American history, do you think it would be shut down? Just thinking out loud…

  78. STP says:

    Maybe Ct should spend more money…that will bring it back. At least thats the mindset of democrats

  79. MikeHenrySC says:

    I wonder if this ferry were part of Native American or African American history if it would be shut down. I doubt it.

    1. L. Lind says:

      Why not hire a Muslim operator?

  80. Htos1 says:

    How’s the “great experiment” and$47 trillion wasted,since 1964,working out for ya’?

  81. Arminius says:

    Good idea. I believe all white people heritage, museums, libraries and monuments to white pigs should be cancelled immediately so we can subsidize failing union hag ridden education, services for illegal aliens and free housing for the non-productive.

    You whiney caucs should just shut up and pay more taxes, and more and more.

  82. Mune Shadowe says:

    I still have not heard one politician taking a voluntary pay cut or cutting their staff anywhere in this nation from either party. This absolutely shows me how much they really care for our country and its future.

  83. pathces12 says:

    Hey CT… just keep electing those Democrats like the bank fraud Chris Dodd….. with them its always crisis management because they can’t say “no” to the civil servant Unions who get raises and benefit increases no matter what EVERY YEAR.

  84. steve says:

    When President Bush handed America over to President Obama, it was like getting a truck from a hillbilly that was out of gas, no brakes, no steering and headed down a steep hill towards a cliff – good job George W – the only person I know of that could bankrupt an oil company – I think The Obama admin inherited the worst shape country anyone could imagine. The effects you feel today, were because of the poor job the Republicans did. you can’t turn a disaster like that around in 4 years.

    1. Mark says:

      You are just too stupid to Wright

    2. Cleveland, OH says:

      OB said he could do it during his campaign. Obama knew what he was getting into. So I hold him responsible now.

    3. Flashman says:

      You’re joking, right?

      Bush was certainly not perfect, but the federal debt has gone up 4 trillion dollars under Obama. That was not Bush’s doing. Unemployment has gone up several % points, that was not Bush’s fault.

      If Obama’s polices were sound and effective they would at least have stopped the decline you say Bush was causing, or had caused. If the country were headed down in 2010, due to Bush, it would now be going up, due to Obama, no?

      It’s been Obama’s watch for 2 and 1/2 years. It’s time to stop blaming Bush. Look to Obama and his economic and political philosophy. I know you want him to succeed, and you want him to be the greatest, but he conned you and those who voted for and supported him.

      Grow up. It’s not Bush’s fault anymore.

    4. Keebler says:

      Yes Steve, the signs of a degrading economy were in process when Bush left office but what Bobo has done with it in his term has only enhanced its effects. He has spent money on his cronies and his political assets. Nothing he has done has been to benefit the American people. Most kids in middle school these days can see this. But what is amusing is folks like yourself.

      You fail to see the bigger picture as most Dems do. Both sides have contributed to this economy but history shows us that policies put in place by Democrats have hurt this country more so than Republican policies. No I am not going to go into specifics here but please feel free to do a little research on your own if need be.

      The fact remains that we are on a downhill slope and at the hands of Bobo, they are only going to get worse. We have no one to thank other than those who put a community organizer with no experience pertaining to the job that he was elected for in that position. Maybe, just maybe, in 2012, the tables will turn and someone with this countries best interest at heart will replace Bobo and put this once great country back on track to where it once was.

    5. Steve, what party was in charge of spending (congress) in the last two years of Bush? Rest my case!

    6. Hey You says:

      With the people who inhabit political offices, you can never do it!


    7. khpdave says:

      Re-writing history does nothing to build a future.

    8. Brad says:

      Sure, Keep on belevin it man!

    9. livefreeordie1776 says:

      Poor thing. Bush “stimulus” mistake, 300 Billion Dollars. Obama repeats the same mistake but to the tune of 14 Trillion Dollars. Translation for the poor unfortunates like steve who still believe a cheap Chicago gangster, Obama is multiple times much worse than Bush and is continuing most of his policies. How are all those “peaceful wars” going? I don’t blame you for being desperate. One thing is for sure, Jimmy Carter is thrilled to be handing over the mantel of “Worst President Ever” to Barrack Obama, the only president who’s core policy is, if it is a miserable failure, do more of it. “Insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.”

    10. joej says:

      The favorite excuse is usually the Race Card, but It is amusing to still see the Blame Bush excuse. I wonder if it will still be a part of his official re-election campaign?

  85. David says:

    My hope is that a private company takes over for the state to continue this tradition.

  86. Bob White says:

    Imaging a boat lasting 366 years while in service. How many times was it repaired? Or ar they talking about a ferry route and not a ferry boat?

  87. GMOdestroyer says:

    If you want to keep the Rocky Hill Ferry operational, your an ANTI-SEMITE because ISRAELIS won’t get their $10 BILLION from the US TAXPAYER!!

  88. Nowswimback says:

    Get used to this type of thing. Americans want to fund their wars, their Israel, their Negroes and illegals on welfare. We just don’t have money for OURSELVES also

  89. Dr. Nemo says:

    The governor was Jodi Rell (REPUBLICAN) from 2004-2011. She followed John Rowland (REPUBLICAN) who had been governor from 1995-2004 and resigned due to corruption charges. The governor had been a republican for 16 years in what had been one of the richest states in the union and it is now in shambles…If the state were doing well with a republican governor you would be trying to take credit for the party. Blaming our president is idiotic.

    1. Rob M says:

      Dr Nemo,
      As someone that was has lived in the great State of CT their entire life, your talking points are a joke.

      What you neglected to mention, is that the Spendocrats have been in charge of BOTH houses of the Legislative branch for the past 20 years.

      Why don’t you elaborate on why we are in this mess here in the State, as the article did not?

      Our new snake oil salesman of a governor promised $2 billion in savings from the union when he proposed, and his follow Spendocrates, passed the highest tax increase ever in state history. He than got rolled by the unions on their givebacks when they were overwheling rejected by the unions when their members voted on them.

      The tax increases were bad enough. To insult the taxpayers in this state with the list spending cuts is even worse. This is yet another example of the Spendocrats mentality.

    2. Will says:

      One of the richest in terms of average income, not how much the state has in the bank…You know, I read your posts and even though I may disagree, some of them are very thoughtful, then I read one like this. You should know better Doc

  90. Dr. Nemo says:

    Exactly except for the minor detail that the governor was a republican from 1995-2011. How does that fit with your world view?

    1. Will says:

      Nice try Dr. Nemo. The CT state assembly is, has been and unfortunately will continue to be run by freewheeling, tax and spend liberals. The write the laws, they write the budgets and they had more than enough votes to overide a gov’s veto. Somehow, I suspect you knew this but chose not to say it…..Hmmm

  91. 31337 says:

    Way to go for a liberal government, cut something useful to punish the people instead of cutting funds for people who drain the system or cutting a few policemen and firemen. Wake up people! Research who you are voting for.

  92. Jeff says:

    So for 279 years, give or take, it survived as a privately run ferry, run by the State only for the last 86 years? And the solution is to close it down, rather than sell it? Sell it to a private company–the State gets the money, and if the ferry serves a purpose–it should be a viable business.

  93. Joe says:

    Why don’t they just privatize the ferry? Get a few local businesses interested in investing in the “Nation’s oldest ferry” & run it like a business…why do they have to have a gov. subsidy.

  94. John C says:

    Wouldn’t have happened if the state hadn’t spent more money than it took in.

  95. pattie says:

    Well what does one expect from CT.. another spend crazy democratic governor. Sooo happy we left that state that would have put us in the poor house had we stayed any longer. The taxes, taxes, taxes everywhere you turn and the food prices are at least a dollar more than in our new state of NH.

  96. Dale says:

    Guys: Moved from CT to AL in 1991…Low taxes, cheap housing, better job, and they just passed an illegal alien no benefits law, but they do not subsidiise commuters or ferries. Cheap gas too, And best of all no stupid gun laws promugated by insurance companies and hedge fund managers who want to reduce risk and steal more money…They do indulge in the “cult of the oblate spheroid” though….ROLL TIDE!!

  97. LAbilly says:

    Use a bridge… there a lot’s of them crossing this river… what a total waste of hard earned tax dollars. Sadly, this is not a rare scenario, hope they find and eliminate all of them.

  98. procinct says:

    Sounds like a perfect privatization candidate to me – the state could get some cash for the sale of the operation and it could go back to being a private enterprise, as it was for over 250 years….

  99. LAWRENCE says:

    I remember when Bush was elected instead of Gore, after Gore’s administration with Clinton had brought an unprecedented surplus, lower debt, peace and prosperity and a govt that worked. And I thought, “what is it about peace and prosperity and solvency that people don’t like?” And so we got war and poverty and dis-function and bankruptcy. and apparently, that is exactly what Republicans like, because that’s what they voted for again in 2010, and apparently will vote for in 2012.

    1. Sam says:

      It probably has something to do with blinded people who actually believe the garbage being spewed from politicians mouths. Here’s the real story regarding ‘Clinton’s surplus’ if you care to educate yourself. http://www.craigsteiner.us/articles/16
      Also, if you really believe that all of this country’s problems have been created in just the past 10 years, you are quite delusional.

    2. Spanky says:

      The surplus at the end of the Slick Administration had more to do with the Republican majority in Congress than with anything Slick did.

      Take a look at what the Dems haven’t accomplished since they took complete control of Congress on January 3, 2007. Everything they’ve touched is worse.

  100. Art Stone says:

    Just wait until the federal government stops building helicopters and submarines, and folks like GE leave the state because of “Tax the Rich” – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  101. Obeserver On The Hill says:

    Call your representatives now

  102. Torrey Baird says:

    I remember cleaning up trash on the Glastonbury side the first Earth Day. If I hadn’t left Glastonbury in 1972 for New Mexico, this would be the last straw. Go Nutmeggers…..

  103. Don L says:

    I left Massachusetts years ago to move to a more sane CT. Big mistake – we have the most touchy-feeling non-rational leaders in existence. Considering our large brain pool, we have an embarassing failure- or worse -a Godless socialist state.

    Too old and wounded to leave now!

  104. Santiago Matamoros says:

    Sink it!
    It would make an excellent habitat for Connecticut River acquatic life.

  105. Luther Heggs says:

    How many lawyers, managers or assistant’s assistants are they firing?

    Is there a moratorium on paying for illegals’ medical bills?

    No, I don’t think so…

  106. CT SUCKS says:

    Why do we have to cut the ferry? Because Connecticut is and has been the ENTILETMENT STATE where every out of work lazy vagrant or illegal from across the country can come to suck on the teet of the Connecticut taxpayer thanks to our ultra liberal DEMOCRATIC assembly who love to spend our money. Now we also have a liberal Govenor to approve their giveaways. No entitlements where cut with the new budget only taxes raised on the middle class.

  107. Luther Heggs says:

    The largest tax increase in CT qualifies the governor to be a ‘Profile in Courage’ award just like Lowell Weiker did before he bailed from the state.

  108. dennis milam says:

    Obama promised change in America. He is keeping his promise, right down to the grass roots of the country. No no ferry due to his spend spree, but you can bet there will be no cuts for entitlements (known as wellfare and a free ride) for the chosen race.

  109. Rob says:

    How the hell can Connecticut be cash-strapped? It has both the 4th highest per capita income in the country (plus a high concentration of legacy wealth) and very high taxes! Oh wait…we’re talking about the systematic spendthift known as government. Never mind…

  110. gommygoomy says:

    I hear that Dannell Boone plans on Cutting down the CHARTER OAK TREE, and selling it for Firewood. He probably wants the money so that DEMOCRATS can erect another STATUE in Honor of The Latin Kings Gang, like they did in NEW HAVEN.

    1. STUCKINCT says:

      Nice try, but it was cut down years ago. Leave it to Connecticut to destroy its one significant state symbol.

  111. Sum Guy says:

    I bet that the ferry service would be financially viable if it were owned or operated by a private company, except that insurance costs would tip the balance and make it operate in the red. Insurance costs for everything are out of control, and forcing cutbacks and closures for all sorts of products, services and events.

  112. Greg says:

    It would appear that if the Ferry actually made money a private firm would want to take over the control of the Ferry program. We don’t need the gon’t to run our lives. We need them to protect us from outside invaders. The private market should be running these types of programs including the park systems

  113. Jack says:

    The lack of adequate public education is apparent in some of these comments. Pay attention die-hard liberal democrats… It is the LEGISLATURE (thats the House of Represenatives, or in your cse State Assembly) and the SENATE that control budgets and tax policy… NOT the Governor. The Governor is the EXECUTIVE brance of Goverment… SO your premise that the economic ills of your state rest in the past two Republican Gov’s is not valid… You have taxed the job creators out of your beautiful state (it is beautiful) and the middle class cant afford to buy anything other that essentials. They are not a minority in your tax rolls… You might be beyond the point of no return. Just like California, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, etc…

    Hey middle class of Conn, come to Texas or Florida… You can keep your money and get a job…

  114. Lou says:


  115. Garth says:

    Running A ferry boat service since 1915.. how many bridges could you have built in that same streach.. if its in the phone book that gov’t should not own it.

  116. elsmitro says:

    It’s GW’s fault!!!

  117. Vinny says:

    But Dale Lib the are so full of themselves. They don’t know history because when the wind changes direction they would rather change what actually happened and re-write history to take the heat off them. A classic example Blacks vote Lib Dems at an alarming over 90% of thew time. But look at the facts:

    – Republican party established 1857 to end slavery.
    – Democrat states of the south started the KKK to harrass Blacks, hang them
    even Republicans who wanted to end slavery.
    – It was republicans who stood up to the racial south and made sure they
    where allowed to go to white public schools. It was Eisenhower not JFK who
    called in the troops to make sure they were allowed entry.
    – LBJ’s Great Society was pushed forward by the Republicans inspite of A huge
    backlash of the democrats to stop them headed by the way by Al Gores
    father. You know the king of the global warming BS, which is another Liberal
    progressive plan to pick our pockets by instituting a global tax.
    – The democrats then started their social porogram for votes policy which
    gave money to the poor, mainly blacks for a vote. the result:

    Broken families,no economic advancement for blacks dependency to the omnipotent Democratic Party, detroyed shells of communities all over the Lib states of America. But they still vote Democrat in droves.

    Just change history and people will forget what REALLY happened.

    Again, CT, I’m raining on your parade, Congrats on joining the Lib Democrat Loser States of America club. You must be proud.

  118. Malloy/Weicker same thing says:

    We have a Lowell Weicker clone in Dannnellllll Malloy and a far left free spending entitlement based democratic legislature that Republican govenors have tried to reign in for years and years. The hens have come home to roost. And what does our idiot Govenor do? Cut back on the billions this state spends on entitlements to its millions of lazy welfare lovers? No, he RAISES TAXES on the only people that actually work in this state. Gos I hate it here. Time to leave like the hundreds of thousands others who actually worked hard here did.

  119. Steve says:

    Connecticut, where I live, is an absolute joke run by social elites who want nothing more than to stay in power and will ruin the state to do it. Malloy has often been described as the “anti-Christie.” God please, please, please send us a Christie.

  120. CrazyOldPreacher says:

    There is a strategy at work, same one they used out in California. Cut small scale, high profile items like rest stops, ferries, park hours, Dep of Motor Vehicles services, school hours, police and fire services because people take notice and they cause an inconvenience (while not saving much money either). Then threaten (but don’t cut) large, powerful union positions like teachers and prison guards –again, to generate public sympathy while mobilizing the union thugs. Then preserve hidden, huge expenditures that help illegal aliens, ‘protect’ the environment, regulate business and supply bureaucracies. And then, finally, brainwash the public sheep into believing that tax and ‘fee’ increases are the only solution to restoring the services that you cut during steps one and two, even if some, like the CT ferries, will NEVER come back. It’s Marxism thuggery…
    America, you have turned your back on God and are now reaping the whirlwinds of disaster while fitting yourself for velvet covered socialist chains…

  121. NoWay says:

    I would NEVER come visit your state. Too many liberals….And since Liberalism is a mental disease, y’all must be LOONEY as ducks up there in CT!

  122. SeattleSteve says:

    The polarity of this discussion is proof that:
    1. Oligarchs and politicians are smarter than average people.
    2. They know how to polarize the population to distract from the issues
    3. The politician that proposed this is a sociopath
    4. Americans are easily split into two discernible marketing groups by the mere suggestion or an idea.
    5. Logic always takes second place to emotional demographics.

    Start with expenditures on people who are here illegally. Simple.

  123. CrazyOldPreacher says:

    BTW destroying heritage sites like this ferry crossing is a part of the plan to communize the USA. Marxism must destroy the past to prepare the sheep for the Marxist future. The same strategy was in play during the Bolshevek Revolution, Cultural Revolution and in Pol Pot’s Year Zero.

    Obama is not even a legal citizen of our nation as his invalid social security number proves. He has been a British, Kenyan and Indonesian citizen and traveled to Pakistan in the early 80s on one such passport.

    But Obama is cut from the same New World Order cloth as George W. Bush. These men are mere puppets of the elitist super rich class that invented Communism to control wealth and prevent upward mobility. Hence the famous Rockefeller quote, “Competition is a sin.” They believe it.

    Too many sentimental Americans believe there is a difference between the two parties. There is at the grassroots but as you go higher everything merges at the pinnacle of the pyramid on your dollar bill.

    Satan is the god of this fallen world and race.

    Repent and be saved from this wicked and perverted generation…

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