Old Saybrook Doctor Arrested

An Old Saybrook doctor has been arrested on numerous felony charges. Old Saybrook Police say Scott W. Houghton M.D. illegally prescribed prescription drugs.  Police say Tuesday’s arrest follows a two-year investigation by local, state, and federal authorities which included the seizure of evidence from Houghton’s medical practice at 929 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook.

Houghton, 43, who is from Madison continued to write prescriptions for controlled substances after his license was suspended February 3, 2010, said police.

In all, Houghton faces 47 felony counts including 30 counts of illegally prescribing narcotics and 14 counts of illegally prescribing a controlled substance.

Houghton is free on $250,000 bond. He is due in court on April 26.

  • injusticerulesinamerica

    dr. houghton saved the life of a loved one. NOT by prescribing habit forming narcotics, but by prescribing a controlled subtrance that saves people from the ravages of narcotic abuse. (there are few md’s in the area that can prescribe this particular drug.) he was professional, attentive, and required regular drug screens. someone obviously had it in for him when they raided him the first time over a year ago. there are THOUSANDS of irresponsible md’s out there who overprescribe, i see it daily in my work. leave this intelligent man to do HIS work. his compassion for patients likely took presidence over fear of reprisal.. go find yourselves a real criminal!

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