Read Budget Reaction Statements

A variety of state politicians and interest groups have shared their reactions to Governor Malloy’s budget address.  Here are statements sent to WTIC NewsTalk 1080 from some of them.


Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

Connecticut Business and Industry Association

Connecticut Community Providers


Judiciary Committee Chair

Senate Democratic Leaders

Democratic State Chair

Early Childhood Alliance

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra

Connecticut Hospital Association

Connecticut Fund for the Environment

State Comptroller

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

  • Steve

    We should be reducing income, sales, property, & gasoline taxes NOT increasing or adding to them. Our only hope is to entice more companies to Connectitax not send them elsewhere. All of the proposed tax increases will destroy the average working family. I’m also 100% against Mr. Malloy’s idea of redistribution of wealth.
    If he wants to give his own money to someone else fine but he can keep his hands away from my pocket. Enough is enough with all these taxes. I have it. Politicians have to learn to stop making promises they can’t keep & they have to stop this insane spending.

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  • Den G

    When is someone in an influencial position going to come out and say what has to be said, CUT SPENDING , CUT SPENDING , CUT SPENDING AND ONCE AGAIN CUT SPENDING.
    All you who lesrtened to his promises have not learned anything, Liberal Democrats Lie, it is that simple.

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