Connecticut is home to some amazing bands that had a breakout 2015. As we head into 2016, music lovers have a lot to look forward to, from bands making their way across the country and dropping new albums to local favorites expanding their live shows. Their styles range from roots, R&B, soul and indie-rock. No matter your specific preference, each of these bands has a little bit to offer and is looking to have a stellar 2016.

John Spignesi Band

This Connecticut-based rock band is up-and-coming, ready to expand for their statewide debut. They are spreading like wildfire in the New Haven and Branford area. They were formed in January 2015 and continue to grow with new talent. The band is led by lead singer John Spignesi. On the bass is Bob LaCroix, Matt Alling is on the drums, Chris Mitchell on the keyboard and Joe Stein plays the trumpet. Backup vocals are a combination of Leah Stone and Shona Nilsson. While their live performances have been primarily in New Haven and surrounding areas along the shoreline, expect more as more people hear what they have to offer.

Steve Broderick & The 100 Watt Suns

The members of this band call coastal Connecticut home. Steve Broderick went from the solo track to a group. He has teamed up with The 100 Watt Suns to create the perfect four-part harmonies. They are a roots rock band with soul and blues. They have played popular spots such as Toads Place and gone into New York state. Seeing a live band does not always equate to new and original songs. Steve Broderick & The 100 Watt Suns are good for creating new tunes and live, energetic performances. Be sure to check out their newest song and videos on their website.

The Bernadettes

The Bernadettes know a thing or two about entertaining a crowd. The Bernadettes are a New Haven-based band and one of the more long-standing groups, dating back to their formation in the ’90s. They began as a bluesy cover band, and over the years have grown and incorporated their own spin on things. Their sound now has more soul, funk and R&B with musical influences from Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, & Fire. Their lead singers are Bryan Kearney and Marques Christopher. On guitar is Jim Kader and bass guitar Brian Johnson. Don DeStefano lends a hand with the harmonica and guitar, Mark Spicer the keyboard and Dean Kosh the drums. Each band member brings a unique sound and lends to the vocals.

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Wess Meets West

Let Connecticut meet tWess Meets West. They have broken out since their formation in 2015, and things continue to head up for them. They hail from New Haven and consist of four band members: Sam Stauff, Erick Alfisi, Andrew Porta and Nick Robinson. They have dropped four EPs, and their music is available for purchase on their website. Unlike most bands, these masters of music provide all bass, drums and guitar with no vocals. Check out their sound online.

Bronze Radio Return

The indie-pop group Bronze Radio Return is blowing up across the country. Their roots are from Hartford county in Connecticut. They have created four albums; the most recent was released in October 2015. They have toured nationally. Growing with popularity, they have performed live right here in Connecticut and spread their wings to being featured on commercials for Nissan and Starbucks. Expect more from Bronze Radio Return in 2016 and catch them on tour.

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