Top Resources For Homeschool Families In Connecticut

January 18, 2013 8:00 AM

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Many families in Connecticut opt for alternatives to traditional schooling for their children. It can be a daunting decision for parents who are not armed with adequate information and support. With so many groups and resources available, there is no need for ambivalence. The homeschooling community is strong across the state and willing to help newcomers bridge the gaps they may feel exist in taking a different approach to education.

CT Homeschool Network
PO Box 115
Goshen, CT 06756

Always best to begin at the beginning, the CT Homeschool Network offers information regarding both the law and guidelines for all sides of the homeschooling process. With pages full of links for everything from the history of homeschooling, Connecticut laws, attorneys, resources, support networks and even homeschooling children with special needs, this is the definitive go-to source whether you are already homeschooling or just thinking about it. If you are just beginning the journey, a sample letter for addressing the school system along with details about how to manage sometimes uninformed school personnel may prove to be quite helpful.

CT Homeschoolers’ Inclusive

CT Homeschoolers’ inclusive is a non-denominational online group promoting tolerance regardless of method of teaching and supporting Connecticut homeschoolers with their everyday questions and concerns. It is a place to share resources, ideas and events as well as seek and offer advice within the homeschooling community regardless of your location in Connecticut. Primarily an online support network, suggestions for coordinated activities are welcome.

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Litchfield County Christian Homeschool Association

Litchfield County Christian Homeschool Association is a long-standing entity for homeschoolers with a Christian affiliation established in 1992. Like-minded families within the homeschool community are invited to connect, offer support and share ideas through a moderated email chain. Useful resources are posted on the website. Members are encouraged to share thoughts and information about field trips, suggested classes, learning programs or curriculum. An available directory of other members helps further keep families connected.

Homeschool Muslim CT

Homeschool Muslim CT is a friendly, all-encompassing group for the Muslim homeschooling population in Connecticut and beyond. It offers support for those committed to their faith as well as quality education for their children. It serves as a place for networking ideas, events and information as well as an outlet for dealing with the challenges parents face when walking a path less traveled when overseeing childrens’ development. Weekly activities are open to all members.


G.R.O.W. offers support for homeschooling families serving the Fairfield County area focusing on Bridgeport, Stratford, Shelton, Derby, Fairfield, Milford and Trumbull. This group provides activities and enrichment programs for children in grades K through six. Parents who are able to share knowledge with classes of children are encouraged to participate. Links to homeschooling resources provide options for ideas, supplies and more. Yearly graduation and an annual picnic are held to keep kids feeling connected.

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