No food is so closely identified with Poland as the pierogi. A simple bit of dough, stuffed, hand-rolled and usually boiled – although sometimes also pan-fried, it can be an appetizer, a side-dish, a dessert or even a main course. Connecticut has a comparatively large and proud Polish-American community, and the cooks and chefs at the state’s Polish delis, bakeries and restaurants compete to present the most authentic of this classic treat. Here are just five of the places that make the top pierogies in the Nutmeg State.
Fil’s Polish Deli
34 Shunpike Road
Cromwell, CT 06416
(860) 635-5503

“Try them and we got you forever!” is what Fil’s Polish Deli has posted above the pierogi section of their deli case, and while they are wonderful, the biggest decision customers have to make is which kind of pierogi to order. Fil’s offers ten different kinds of pierogies, and not only can patrons come in to grab them to go, they can even order them on-line and have packages of fresh ready-to-cook pierogies shipped to them. Fil’s provides simple instructions on how to cook them in the Fil’s style. Their list includes variations and combinations on potato, sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies, as well as cabbage and fruit-filled varieties. Fil’s also offers a wide range of other fresh, hand-made Polish treats and has shelf upon shelf of imported pickles, jams, sauerkraut and other Old World favorites.

Smakosh Restaurant
Center 32 Plaza
1100 Norwich-New London Turnpike
Uncasville, CT 06382
(860) 848-4555

Chef and owner Jola Achmatow opened Smakosh in 2006 with a view to present home-cooked American food prepared “in a Polish style.” That, of course, includes sprinkling her otherwise basic diner-type menu with some Polish favorites, including a potato pierogi entree that comes with kielbasa. She also prepares many other Polish dishes, including potato pancakes and crepes done in the Polish manner and of course, golumbkis, or stuffed cabbage rolls for those whose Polish is a bit rusty.

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252 Broad St.
New Britain, CT 06053
(860) 612-1711

Staropolska means “old country Poland,” and everything on proprietor Bogdan Malinowski’s extensive and scrumptious menu is prepared just the way it always has been back home. That includes five varieties of pierogies, three savory and two sweet. The beef and veal version is meaty and juicy, and goes especially well with the mushroom with sauerkraut pierogie, which hopefully someone else at the table will order and share with the meat pierogie. The cheese and potato with bacon and onion is a wonderful, traditional offering, and the two sweet varieties, one filled with farmers cheese and the other with blueberry or raspberry, are as great a way to end a meal as to start one. Although pierogies have the place of honor at the top of the menu, diners will be doing themselves a disservice if they do not keep reading down and consider adding some potato pancakes with kielbasa or at least some red borscht, which comes with meat dumplings.

The Old Country Deli
4 Alden Ave
Enfield, CT 06082
(860) 745-5390

The Pierogi Queen Bakery is famous throughout New England for its pierogies, which appear in more than 30 stores across the region. They are made, however, in Enfield, Connecticut, and are part of the Old Country Deli, which has expanded from a small, local delicatessen into something of an empire, complete with bakery, banquet hall and catering service. Situated inside the old Polish National Home in Enfield, The Old Country Deli offers a stunning, mouth-watering and at times even overwhelming menu of Old World delights. But the queen of them all is the pierogies made in the Pierogi Queen Bakery. They make the traditional favorites but also some unique combinations as spinach and cheese, potato spinach, apple cinnamon, cheese pineapple and many other types of pierogies not found in most other Polish delis or restaurants. Chef and owner Sasha Skerla strongly advises that customers pre-order their pierogies as everything they make is “quickly sold.” 

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