Sports bars, barbecue joints and taverns are noted for many things, but all of these types of restaurants have at least one dish in common: wings. Chicken wings, boneless or bone-in, are among if not the most ordered appetizers any place people gather to watch sports, drink beer or get together to spend a night out. Connecticut restaurateurs, barkeeps and barbecue pit chefs know that if they run out of wings or if their wings are not top rate, that their business will suffer. Here are the five places that serve the top chicken wings in Connecticut.

TK’s American Cafe
255 White Street
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 730-1776

With 52 flavors of wings, TK’s American Cafe lays claim to having the biggest variety of wings of any bar or restaurant in the state — and almost as many varieties of beer to wash them down. TK’s serves up wings by the thousands each week, and has been every week since 1990 — this is not just any wings joint, but also is one of the premier sports bars in Connecticut. There are 30 big flat screen HDTVs on which to watch the big games and other sporting events, and owner Tom Kennedy is as welcoming a host and as a good a neighbor as any neighborhood could ask for.

Chicago Sam’s Sports Bar & Grille
51-14 Shunpike Road
Cromwell, CT 06416
(860) 635-1860

Chicago Sam’s may not have much of a variety of wings to choose from on its menu, but the boneless Wing Dings and the similarly bone-free Dirty Bird Wings go down real fast and real easy, and with a lot less mess than traditional bone-in wings. This huge sports bar in Cromwell also boasts a 40-yard-long bar (yes, yards, not feet) and 100 televisions, three of which are massive 100-inch screens. Chicago Sam’s also serves traditional wings and chicken tenders with 17 sauces to choose from, as well as many other delights

BarBQ Stamford
261 Main Street
Stamford CT 06901
(203) 316-0278

“Timmy’s Smoked Chicken Wings” are among the favorite appetizers in a menu dripping with“Southern-style fare” at BarBQ Stamford. They are so good and such a signature dish that they are the only variety of wings on the menu. Slowly marinated, then smoked and finished on the grill while slathered in homemade sauce, these are wings like none other to be found in Connecticut. BarBQ Stamford has an extensive menu of barbecue favorites, but while waiting for the main event, diners should definitely put in an order for these smoky beauties to get their juices flowing.

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Wilson’s BBQ
1851 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 319-7427

Wings may not be the specialty of the house at Wilson’s BBQ in Fairfield, but they are the perfect starter for any of the massive meals of ribs, brisket or pulled pork (or even chicken) that they serve up at this pit barbecue venue in Fairfield. The wings are smoked for three hours, then flash-fried and served smothered in hot, hot, hot homemade barbecue sauce. They can also be the centerpiece for a meal if surrounded with sides of their signature Portuguese rice and beans, mac and cheese, sweet vinegary slaw, crunchy pickles, black-eyed peas and succulent corn bread.

The Bidwell Tavern & Cafe
1260 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238
(860) 742-6978

Garlic pepper wings are arguably the signature wings offering at the old Bidwell, which has been a tavern since 1822 (the original tavern is now a wine shop but the “new” Bidwell is on the same block). The place is dripping with atmosphere — the booths are pews from an old local church — and the wings are dripping with sauce at this old and venerable establishment, which makes its own honey mustard, Cajun, sesame, hickory horseradish, “boom-boom” and other sauces for its bountiful plates of award-winning wings. The Bidwell is a historic place, but it also has the feel of a neighborhood restaurant. They do not have a web site, but do have a Facebook page — and many loyal patrons and followers.

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