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May 17, 2013 8:00 AM

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All breeders are not made equal. The uproar against puppy mills, designer pets and the trauma the voiceless animals are put through for commercial and materialistic greed are well known. It is heartening to find breeders who put humane before profit and are committed to breeding as an art form, where all care is taken to lovingly breed animals and pets for optimum quality, with only secondary regard for money. These Connecticut breeders adhere to the highest ethical standards and take pride in producing litters of superior abilities, behavior and physical attributes.

Woodland Kennel
6 Cortland Place
Oxford, CT 06478
(203) 881-9997

Woodland Kennel is committed to breeding labrador retrievers and English springer spaniels of the highest quality. It is wonderful for in-home pets, as well as superb gun dogs for fowl or upland hunting. Using sires and dams of the purest bloodlines only, its litters reflect the physical lines, intelligence, tempers and inherent skills expected of their pedigrees. The kennel also provides dog supplies, stud and training services.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls
Groton, CT

BellaPalazzo is a CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association), TICA (The International Cat Association) and ACFA registered cattery specializing in breeding ragdolls. Its cats are successfully showcased and are frequent winners in TICA shows. The cats’ outstanding characteristics are of a sweet, gentle nature making them ideal additions to households with other pets and children. They are loyal and playful with almost dog-like qualities. They mature fully at three to four years, weighing in at 20 pounds or more. The cattery prefers to be contacted through email and the contact form on the website so as to avoid unexpected disruptions to its operations.

Tinker Toy Heritage Farm Rabbitry
Plainfield, CT
(860) 634-0421

This rabbitry breeds the endangered American chinchilla species which is once again gaining popularity. They were near extinction in the 1940s because of their pelt quality for fur coats and accessories and tender, nutritious meat. These large, grey rabbits have distinctive colored rings in their coats that cannot be artificially duplicated by the fur coat industry. Known affectionately as the AmChin, they grow very quickly up to 10 pounds for does and nine pounds for bucks. The breeders only use Grand Champions animals for the litters. With prices starting from $65, AmChins are inexpensive, easy to care for and make non-threatening pets for small children. Giant Chins and Spotted Mini Rexes are also available for sale.

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Dragon Fly Farm
418 Lisbon Road
Canterbury CT 06331
(860) 546-2056

In an idyllic location in northeast Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner,” the Dragon Fly Farm homestead dates back to the 1800s. The owners have restored it to its former glory with the typical board fences, posts and beam barns and stonewalls utilizing local materials. The farm’s operations and livestock have been expanded to include alpacas and Nigerian dwarf goats of proven heritage, socialization and quality of features and deportment. These animals provide superior fleeces, fresh milk, homemade cheeses, soaps and lotions. Take your kids to pet and observe the animals, and maybe come away with one of your own.

ME Llama Farm
300 Beaumont Highway
Lebanon, CT 06249
(860) 423-0380

From small beginnings in 1990 with just three llamas, today this 100-acre farm is home to 50. Llama wool is spun and sold as raw fleece or yarn. Finished knitted hats, scarves and shawls are popular and sold through word-of-mouth advertising or through participation in shows and conducting classes. Llamas are available for sale. They are all bred for overall health, well being, disposition, conformation, temperament and the quality and quantity of their wool. Visitors to the farm are warmly welcomed.

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