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Who said that you can’t judge a book by its cover? Sometimes, you can – especially if it’s a book about the beautiful state of Connecticut. This is a state that features verdant springs, lush summers, kaleidoscopic autumns and snowy white winter wonderlands. Some of the covers on books about Connecticut tell exactly what the book is about.

by Jordan Worek with photography by Jack McConnell

Many an artist has painted some Connecticut country road complete with rambling stone walls and set in autumn when the trees show off their colors during their peak autumn splendor. It’s not surprising that Jack McConnell’s photograph of such a scene should capture the essence of Connecticut in the hardcover book by Jordan Worek, which is included in the “America the Beautiful” series. It’s also not surprising that such a representative scene should be framed so beautifully by photographer Jack McConnell and featured on the cover of this book. Readers enjoy the captions and photos on everything like the state’s capitol, Connecticut’s long and winding coastline, the state’s farms and hills that stretch across Litchfield. A gorgeous hardcover book that makes a picture-perfect gift or coffee table accessory, you can find this book on most online book sources as well as in the Hartford Library, where there are four copies.

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“Connecticut: An Explorer’s Guide”
by Andi Marie Cantele with principal photography by Kim Grant

Good things come in small packages, so this small but delightful paperback book featuring tall ships and a lighthouse on its cover doesn’t waste time in flaunting a beautiful seaside scene found in Connecticut. What makes this book so special is that it is a comprehensive guide with just about everything you need to know about exploring Connecticut. In this book, you will find black-and-white photos that emphasize the charm of the third smallest state in the union. The book is divided into six regions and will lead visitors to hundreds of exciting sites including everything from amusement parks and harbors to aquariums, museums and airports. Maps are included among its 544 pages. Published by The Countryman Press, this eighth edition was recently published in March of 2012. That this is its eighth edition attributes to its popularity. It is found online and in many Connecticut bookstores, but you can also order this book online from the publisher.

“Seasons of Connecticut: A Year-Round Celebration of the Nutmeg State”
by Diane Smith

Here is a table-top, hardcover book that features a beautiful autumn scene and snapshots of spring, summer and winter all on its cover as well. The author is familiar with Connecticut from her many years as a local television news reporter. She knows the state well and shares 60 stories about life in the “land of steady habits.” This is a perfect gift for anyone coming to or from Connecticut. These beautiful books can be found in most book stores and online book-selling services.

“Connecticut Off the Beaten Path, 8th: A Guide to Unique Places”
by Tom Bross and Joan Bross

Wow! Just look at the cover of this book and you know immediately that you are going to find something that is definitely unusual and certainly “off the beaten path” in Connecticut. This image of Gillette’s Castle exemplifies one of Connecticut’s treasures built by one of the most eccentric actors. Here is a guide that introduces readers to some of the most interesting places in Connecticut. It has lists of great places to stay including bed and breakfast sites as well as country inns. It also features restaurants and wineries as well as little-known events such as the bagpipe festival held every year in Goshen. You can order this book through online book sites or directly from the publisher. 

“Connecticut Icons: 50 Symbols of the Nutmeg State”
by Charles Monagan

If anyone has insight to all things Connecticut, it is Charles Monagan, editor of Connecticut Magazine. This book not only captures the color of autumn in Connecticut on its cover, but the author captures the color of the state with all its spirit and pride within its pages. Monagan looks at Connecticut through the eyes of a resident who is proud to be a part of this state’s most special accomplishments, even if they are a lobster roll delicacy or the great Yale Bowl. While you can find this book on many online locations, you can also find this hardcover book in the hometown library of the author.

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