Bicycles are not new, but there’s a new trend about biking and all of its benefits. For instance, biking is a healthier way of living as well as a more economical way of traveling back and forth to work. Here are five of the top bicycle shops in Connecticut that are not only on the cutting edge in bikes, but the cutting edge in protecting the environment and leading to a healthier lifestyle.

The Devil’s Gear
151 Orange St.
New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 773-9288

Leave it to a bike shop in the city of New Haven to realize that bikers are not just for the racers and mountain bikers. It’s also for the city driver who wants to forego the cost of a car and get around the city on a bike. Co-owner David Kahn, who founded the shop in 2001 along with Matthew Feiner, talks about the latest trends in inner-city biking. “Young people like myself prefer to live where they work and bike to work. It’s healthier, and it’s more environmentally sound.” Of course, the shop offers the latest in fat bikes with wide tires as well as a full spectrum of mountain and race bikes. And yes, there’s a bike for women to drive to work safely wearing skirts and/or dresses. Check out the Kona Coco here.

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Pedal Power Bike Shop
359 Main St.
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 347-3776

Pedal Power is on a mission. This bike shop wants to get more and more of its community into the cyclist momentum. It also wants to create a meaningful relationship with its communities. It has two different locations. One is located in Middletown and the other in Vernon. Offering more than just the sale of a bike, this shop is a renowned store with 35 years of combined service. The staff is trained and loves biking, and the shop offers a large variety of bikes. The shop’s motto is “Do it once, do it right.”

Cheshire Cycle and Repair
3550 Whitney Ave.
Hamden, CT 06518
(203) 891-5320

Cheshire Cycle and Repair doesn’t mince words. It states in big bold red letters: “Buy Your Bike With Us and Get Free Tuning For Life. Seriously!” This shop really wants to convey its point that it has the knowledge as well as the experience to take care of any bicyclist’s needs. This shop also takes pride in the fact that it is centrally located on the “Linear Bike Canal Trail.” This means it can get parts to you quickly. In addition to this, Cheshire Cycle and Repair sponsors a road racing team and it is eager to share its experiences.

Wallingford Bike Barn
218 N. Colony Road (Rt. 5)
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 265-2998

Wallingford Bike Barn is featuring on its blog the 2014 Giant Talon 5, which is described as “a great entry level Mountain Bike.” Flaunting the fact that this bike is durable enough for Connecticut’s difficult and challenging dirt trails, riders can expect a secure ride with this bike. Since 1955, this shop has offered a wonderful selection of bikes and accessories. Wallingford Bike Barn advocates safe cycling and encourages riders to appreciate the natural world by acting responsibly to the environment. The shop promotes a cycling lifestyle with safety and health in mind.

Bethel Cycle
5 Depot Place
Bethel, CT 06801
(203) 792-4640

This has been a special year for Bethel Cycle. With a 42-year history, it has moved ahead by stepping back into an historic train station. Vacant for too long, Bethel’s train station is a glorious facility and by moving into this site, Bethel Cycle has essentially created a “cycling depot.” The analogy is obvious and this forward-thinking outfit intends to become the bike shop offering a great product line as well as great service. The new location is indeed a hub for the community at large as well as the biking community. Happily situated in its new home, Bethel Cycle is happy to report an outdoor courtyard and great parking.

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