Not everyone has the skills and perfect recipe to whip up a delicious tasting martini or cocktail made with infused vodka. Lucky for you, bars and restaurants around the state have some pretty unique flavors of infused vodka, and bartenders are more than willing to make drinks for you. There’s a little bit for everyone no matter your liking, such as a spicy jalapeno or habanero pepper infused vodka to a sweet tasting sweet tea or pineapple infused vodka. There is even something special for chocolate lovers. Cheers!

Harvest Wine Bar
372 Greenwich Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 869-4080

Harvest Wine Bar is a restaurant and bar in Greenwich, Connecticut. It has a full food menu and drink menu including wines and cocktails. Some of the most popular are their specialty cocktails including The Sassy, watermelon mojito, or Sailor’s Delight. If you are looking to try a delicious infused vodka, order the Harvest Moon Shine. The Harvest Moon Shine has American Harvest infused vodka with pineapple, mixed with chambord and sour mix. Stop by the bar for drinks or their Mediterranean, Asian and Latin inspired lunch and dinners.

Max Downtown
185 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 522-2530

Max Downtown is in the heart of downtown Hartford and their restaurants. Its location makes for a perfection location for after work or happy hour drinks. Although Max Downtown is known for its atmosphere, food and drink menus, it also has unique infused vodkas set up in the bar. A fan favorite when looking for a unique infused taste would be the Hot and Cool. The Hot and Cool is a cocktail featuring jalapeno and cucumber infused vodka. Get your coworkers together or plan a date night so you can try it out.

Rizzuto’s Oyster Bar & Grill
540 Riverside Ave.
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 221-1002

There is something a little different about Rizzuto’s Oyster Bar & Grill that makes them stand out amongst other bars and restaurants in the area. Infused vodka is on their bar shelf, although some of their atypical flavors are house-made. The John Daly is made with homemade sweet tea infused vodka mixed with lemon juice. Saugatuck Sling is another juicy cocktail with house-made blueberry infused vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and pineapple juice ingredients. Also check out their delicious food menu while you are there.

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Dish Bar & Grill
900 Main St.
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 249-3474

One of the bars with the largest selection of infused vodkas is Dish Bar & Grill in Hartford. You won’t find this in every bar you enter. For a spicier taste, order the Hot and Dirty, a martini made with vodka infused with habanero chili peppers. If you are looking for a sweeter taste, check out the Cucumber Apple Cooler. This cocktail features cucumber apple infused vodka by the name of Tito’s, with lemon, soda and cinnamon. For a more traditional infused vodka, try the Orange Blossom with orange infused Skyy vodka.

Amici Italian Grill
280 Riverview Drive
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 346-0075

Chocolate lovers rejoyce. There is a Godiva chocolate infused vodka and it could be hard to find when you are enjoying a night out with friends or your loved one. Lucky for you, Amici Italian Grill has it in their bar. Amici’s makes a chocolate martini which combines Godiva chocolate infused vodka with creme de cocoa, making for a delicious pre-dinner, dinner or dessert drink. There’s always time for chocolate. They also have Skyy’s grape infused vodka to make their fruity grape martini.

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