Top ACT And SAT Prep In Connecticut

August 23, 2013 8:00 AM

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In today’s competitive world, having a solid foundation in academic skills goes farther than ever before. Give your student the edge and peace of mind he/she needs to succeed and sign up for prep courses designed to meet the rigorous process of gaining entrance into the world of higher learning. Expert training and advice is widely available in Connecticut and will help open the doors to a lifetime of possibilities.

Richard Corn
(203) 561-0865

Math is a subject many students may struggle with at one time or another. There is no need for it to be a roadblock. Whether your student is preparing to take an ACT/SAT or just needs to get up to speed to maintain grade-level performance, Richard Corn can make a difference. From basic math to calculus and statistics, a personalized one-on-one program will be tailored to fit. For students attending boarding school, online help is available in addition to face-to-face sessions.

Henry Hecht
Step Write Up
(203) 461-8312

Writing is a critical skill not just for school, but in the world beyond. Today’s younger generation is easily sidetracked by the use of texting as a form of communication and the many shortcuts it employs. Mastering the art of putting thoughts down on paper, whether in preparation for SATs or for general use, can be achieved with some commitment. Under the guidance offered by Henry Hecht, turn writing from a dreary task into a satisfying accomplishment.

Ace In-Home Tutoring
Fairfield County, CT
(203) 366-0498

Specializing in ACT/SAT preparation, Gene McKenna also provides tutoring in a variety of subjects as well as for other standardized tests. With programs to fit budget and time constraints on an individual basis, a flexible one-on-one experience is available to every student. Offering over 20 years of experience and a money-back guarantee affords both parents and students piece of mind when outcomes are of the utmost importance.

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Carnegie & Pollak
136 Old Stone Bridge Road
Cos Cob, CT 06807
(203) 352-3500

Year-round classes held in a variety of locations makes Carnegie & Pollak’s ACT and SAT prep courses a practical choice. Also available are tutoring and extra help services to keep students running along with or even ahead of the rest of their class. Instructors have teaching backgrounds in a number of subjects, bringing a wealth of experience to students who enroll in any of the courses offered.

The Official SAT Online Course

If your student has already prepared for the SAT or is already on top of his/her academic game, the Official SAT Online Course offered by the College Board may be just the thing to fine tune skills and gain a familiarity with the test itself. Interactive lessons cover math, reading and writing. Practice questions and tests, essay scoring and personalized score reports along with explanations to answers make for a valuable experience and mastery prior to the actual testing.

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