Navigating a new airport is a reason for stress or anxiety for some travelers. Planning ahead and getting to know your departure or arrival airport can help ease some of that stress. Bradley International Airport is Connecticut’s largest and leading airport in the state. Read up on where to park, where you can be dropped off or find your airline ticket center, where to eat, and where to find your luggage or be picked up below.
Bradley International Airport
Schoephoester Road
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
(860) 292-2000

Bradley International Airport is Connecticut’s leading and largest airport, providing both nation and international flights. It is halfway between Connecticut’s capital city, Hartford, and Springfield, Massachusetts. If you don’t want to wake up extra early to travel to your flight or worry about running late, the Sheraton Hartford Hotel is conveniently located at Bradley. This airport is easy to navigate outside and once inside.


Bradley has a few options for on-site parking. The first and more expensive options are the long and short-term parking garages. Both are close to Terminal A and the most convenient distance-wise. Short term parking is best for drop-off and picking up, as their daily rates are up to $30 a day. They do not offer weekly prices. Their prices for 30 minute, 30-60 minute, and 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours are the same as the long-term parking garage. The long-term parking garage offers weekly and daily parking prices, along with the shorter time periods mentioned above.

The next option is Lot B, which is a short walk from Terminal A and the international arrivals. It is important to note that there is no shuttle available. They offer $48 a week, $8 a day, as well as a cheaper 30 minute, 30-60 minute, and 1 hour to 1.5-hour parking in comparison to the garages. The cheapest options for long visits away are the Long Term Lot 1, Lot 4, and Economy Lot 3. Each lot runs 24/7 shuttles and their rates are substantially lower than the garages.


If travelers have the opportunity of being dropped off, this airport has made it a convenient option. Upon entering the area of Bradley International Airport, look for signs for departures. Departure drop off is located on the upper level. You can easily follow the signs and stay to the right lane. Once you are heading up to the drop-off area, each airline is labeled so that travelers can easily find their airline of choice.

Terminal A is home to airlines such as American West, Continental Airlines and Express, Delta, Delta Song, JetBlue, Northwest, Southwest, United & United Express, US Airways and US Airways Express. Terminal B houses American Airlines, American Eagle, Air Canada Jazz, Independence Air, Skyway Airlines, & USA 300. Short-term drop off lanes are available so that you can quickly grab your luggage and say your goodbyes. Airline ticket and luggage centers, as well as security, are located on the upper level once you enter the doorways.

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Airport dining is not always the most nutritious and can not cater to everyone’s dietary needs. At Bradley there are a few different options separated by “land side” and “air side.” Land side means before the security checkpoint, and can be accessed by anyone in the airport. The food options before going through security include Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Paradise Shops and a Bistro. There is also a restaurant located in the Sheraton Hotel attached to Bradley.

Airside means you must clear through security in order to access these dining options. The most convenient food options for anyone are McDonalds, a pizza shop, Fresh City, and one sit-down restaurant and bar called Black Bear Saloon. Gates 1-12 have their own food options including Dunkin Donuts (which often has one of the longer lines), Edy’s Ice Cream, LaVazza, Grab 7 Go, and finally their sit-down restaurant and bar is Locks Landing. In Gates 20-30 you will find Traveltini table service and bar, D’Angelo’s and another Dunkin Donuts.

Baggage Claim And Pick-up

Planning for your pick up and where to find your baggage can be a time saver. Be aware that, while drop off and the ticket centers are on the upper level, baggage claim and pick up lanes are downstairs on the lower level. Luggage cart rentals are located in the terminals. They conveniently accept credit card as payment. For $4 you can rent the cart, and you will also get a 25-cent rebate for returning the cart. Once you exit your plane you will find signs easily directing you to the baggage claim area. There are stairs, as well as an elevator. For visitors getting picked up, there is short-term pull off areas for you to hop in. Be aware that there is often security making sure cars are not parked too long in the pickup lanes.

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