DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tim At East Rock Park

March 12, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr connecticut DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tim At East Rock Park

“My grandfather has a tractor and he calls it Mowy Dick.”

The Ride
The Driver: Tim
Car in Question: 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander
Spotted at: East Rock Park, Cold Spring and Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06519
Odometer: 413,747
Car’s Nickname: ‘Bishi


Q: Obviously you’re a pretty young guy, how did you come upon such a nice vehicle?

A: Just a gift from my father. Just birthday. He got my brother and sister cars so…

Q: What do you think of the car?

A: I like it a lot. I like the sound system my brother and I put in, but, hey, it’s done me well.

Q: What kind of music do you blast with your sound system?

A: Literally everything. Sometimes it’ll be, you know, Nirvana, and other times it’ll be softer music. I’ll play the rap and things like that. You know, gotta’ chill off the bass sometimes.

Q: How bassy are we talking, like subwoofer bass?

A: Yeah, like two 10-inch subs. I can’t look through the rearview mirror because everything’s buzzing so much.

Q: Do the ladies think you have a fly ride?

A: Everyone hangs out in it. I guess they like it.

Q: Does it have a name as far as a hang out spot?

A: I just call it ‘Bishi. It’s a Mitsubishi, my brother’s car. He has a Mitsubishi as well. He calls it Mr. Bishi. My grandfather has a tractor and he calls it Mowy Dick.

Q: You have a funny family. So what kind of stuff do you normally keep in your car? You had sort of opened it before and closed it, so I wouldn’t see the mess.

A: I keep my golf clubs. I’m a huge golfer. Because I have three houses, sometimes it feels like I have my life in here. I always have clothes and things I’m bringing from house to house, but I try to keep it somewhat clean.

Q: Where do you normally drive the car?

A: To school, to golf tournaments and home, of course. Beyond that, a lot of times my friends and I will just drive places and bring people–especially people who don’t live around here–you know, show them the New Haven spots.

Q: How often do you come up to East Rock?

A: I’ve probably only been up here like four or five times. Of recent, I’ve been here three times. I came up here with a girl who had just moved here from California to show her what New Haven looked like up top. Then me and my buddies came up here before school one day because we had nothing else to do and just caused havoc as normal.

Q: Where have you traveled for golf tournaments?

A: All over the state. I’ve gone all the way to the Massachusetts/Vermont border, but, you know, it wasn’t that bad of a drive because I’m used to driving three hours to my Vermont house.

Q: Do you enjoy the solitude of driving?

A: Yeah, it’s nice, because I’m so used to highway driving. It’s almost relaxing. My mom actually started yelling at me when I had to commute from Killingworth. She didn’t want me to do it from my dad’s house in the morning, but leaving early isn’t an issue and 40 minutes on the highway isn’t bad at all.

Q: Cool. Are you looking to golf further at school?

A: Yeah, it would be fun to be a Division 1 golfer, so I’m looking at Dartmouth and Yale!

Photos and interview by Benjamin Shanbrom

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