DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alli At Hamden Hall

June 4, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr hartford DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alli At Hamden Hall

“I love my car. I’m obsessed with it.”

The Ride
The Driver: Alli
Car in Question: BMW 2007 325xi
Spotted at: Hamden Hall Country Day School, 1108 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06517
Odometer: 65,000
Car’s Nickname: Charlotte


Q: You’re clearly a student of Hamden Hall. How long have you been here for?

A: I’ve been here since kindergarten. I actually left in third and fourth grades to go to Wintergreen in Hamden, but I ended up coming back in fifth.

Q: You recently got a new BMW! What were the circumstances surrounding that?

A: I got my license about a year and three months ago, my dad gave me his old car. It was twelve years old. It was like, a big Lexus 350 or something. The gas gauge didn’t work on it. It had 200,000 miles. The steering wheel squeaked. It was really breaking down and it shut down a couple times in the spring. We were talking about me getting a new car. I was going to get a new car as I got my license, but I ended up crashing my dad’s used car two weeks after I got my license, so they were like, no, you have to wait. I waited a year and, finally, I talked my dad into getting me one and we traded in my old car for this. It took a lot of convincing.

Q: Were you involved in the process of picking out the car?

A: I wanted a Jeep. I wasn’t aiming for a BMW until we looked online and the safest cars were like a Mercedes, a BMW and a Honda. My dad made me a list and was just like, I think these are the three choices for you. I was shocked. I never thought I would see a BMW on that list.

Q: But you like it?

A: I love my car. I’m obsessed with it!

Q: Any stories you can tell us about this car? Maybe something odd or interesting about it?

A: Oh, this is a great story. Soccer pre-season this summer, the first week I came back to my car on the first day after our first session, there was a banana smeared on top of the Indiana sticker! There was a banana peel inside the handle to get into the driver’s seat. The next day I come back and there’s banana all over my car. It’s on the sunroof, on the window, on the back. I was really angry.

Q: Did you ever find the perpetrator?

A: I didn’t. They looked on security cameras and they couldn’t figure it out.

Q: Someone really didn’t like Indiana?

A: I think people were like, a little jealous that I’m already into school, while they’re stressing out because not many people know that you can apply that early.

Photos and interview by Benjamin Shanbrom

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