Best Resources For Single Moms In Connecticut

January 12, 2011 4:42 PM


Being a new mom isn’t easy even when you have a partner. Raising children can be especially challenging for single moms. Fortunately, the best resources for single moms in Connecticut can help. Whether it is education about parenting, financial help or just getting together with other moms, there is support for you out there. – Nicole Roberge
familylifeedu Best Resources For Single Moms In Connecticut


Family Life Education

30 Arbor St.
First Floor, South Building
Hartford, Ct. 06106
(860) 231-7744

Family Services at Family Life Education offers many resources for single moms in Hartford, including help with parenting, but also finding employment, seeking education, affordable housing, and, if needed, counseling and other assistance for any struggles the mother and/or child may be encountering. Such care for single mothers is given through this Nurturing Families program for families with children up to age five; the program offers a wonderful opportunity for both baby and mother to thrive.

Single & Strong

Wellness Center
635 Main St.
Middletown, Ct. 06459
(860) 347-6971 x3662

Single & Strong is a support group for single moms that offers a strong support system of others who know just what you are going through. After all, who could relate better to a single mother than a fellow single mother? Here is the opportunity to meet with a strong group of women and discuss the joys and difficulties or parenting. Find people to lean on for support and to help when no one else might understand. It is a great community. Meetings are the third Saturday of each month, from 10 a.m. to noon. There is no cost, and childcare is provided.

Farmington Valley Moms is a great resource for new moms and single moms looking to connect with other parents. This particular group, the Farmington Valley Moms, is a group of mothers who get together for their own sake, as well as their children’s. It is a time for mothers to connect to one another and bond, forming positive and strong relationships. Meetings are Saturdays, and there is an application process.

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