When it comes to hot dogs, true lovers develop a cult following for the best hot dog places in Connecticut. Whether you like yours the traditional way, with the works or as creative as you can get, one of these places has the dog for you. — Stephanie Geary

Blackie’s Hot Dogs has been a Connecticut tradition since 1928. Over the years very little has changed, we serve the same dogs with our homemade relish. The menu is pretty simple it’s about the dog…all you need to decide is how many – one, two, or three!

Augie & Ray’s is a true Connecticut institution. Augie’s is famous for their foot-long chili dogs on perfectly toasted buns. If you’re not a chili fan do not worry, no matter what you decide to put on your dog from ketchup to cheese sauce you will be pleased. Try them and you’ll come back for more.

Woody’s has some of the best hot dogs in Hartford. Not only are they made with top-quality beef, but they’re also a foot long. And if you like to try different things, there are a variety of ways to have your hot dog. The Deputy Dog has barbecued pulled pork and cheddar cheese. The DogFather has peppers and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce. And the Philly Dog has cheese, mushroom, grilled onions and peppers. There are 12 different types of hot dogs.

With its 2-foot-long hot dogs, Doogie’s has some of the best hot dogs in Hartford. Featured on the Man vs. Food show on the Travel Channel, Doogie’s has become a legend in Connecticut for great hot dogs. Like Woody’s, you can get your hot dog in a number of combinations including the Reuben, which has Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese and kraut. Don’t see any combination you like? Create your own, and they’ll make it for you.

Capitol Lunch is an institution in the Hartford area. Known as the place with “hot dogs with the famous sauce,” Capitol Lunch still sells its hot dogs for the original price – $1.65. You can order your hot dog one of three ways – with the works, everything or up. No matter which one you choose, you will receive a hot dog with yellow mustard, raw onions and the famous meat sauce.

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