Best Burgers In Hartford

January 4, 2011 10:39 AM

Organic and hormone-free beef options are quickly becoming popular at local restaurants. A number of different burger joints in Hartford are doing their part to meet this demand. And these places have some of the best burgers in Hartford. — Stephanie Geary

Plan B Burger Bar is rapidly earning the reputation for having some of the best burgers in Hartford. Made with only the freshest of ingredients and beef that is 100 percent certified natural beef with no hormones, chemicals, fillers, added colors or antibiotics, the burgers at Plan B Burger Bar are never frozen. They’re always made fresh. The farms the restaurant uses to purchase its beef from are also certified humane. From blue cheese burgers to pretzel burgers to chicken burgers to veggie, salmon and portabello mushroom burgers, there is something for everyone at Plan B. Probably the most popular items at Plan B Burger Bar, however, are the miniburgers.

Max Burger has also become known for its all-natural, tasty, certified Angus Niman Ranch beef burgers. What makes Max Burger burgers some of the best burgers in Hartford are not only the quality of ingredients but also the choices. There are lobster burgers, tuna burgers, Kobe beef burgers, veggie burgers and chicken burgers. You can also get a Fatty Melt, which is an 8 oz. burger with tomatoes and bacon in between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about filling! All burgers are served with hand-cut French fries and house-made pickles.

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Located in the Cheney Building in Hartford, City Steam Brewery Café has not only a great ambiance but also phenomenal burgers. Enjoy your burger on one of the nine levels of seating area. Burgers are made with 100 percent certified Angus beef and are antibiotic and hormone free. Specialty burgers include the Reuben, peppercorn, Caprese and mac n’ cheese. You can also create your own burger by selecting from a number of different toppings.

Burgers at The Corner Pug are some of the best burgers in Hartford thanks to their charred exterior from being cooked on a live-fire grill. Choose from many different burgers including the Knife and Fork Irish Nacho Burger, which has beef, beer and sausage chili, melted Monterey Jack cheese, hot cherry peppers and chopped scallions. There’s also a barbecue and port wine cheddar burger and a Philly cheeseburger.

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