I love writing about fashion!” says Alexandra Wallace-Currie quite excitedly. Perhaps that is not only because she is writing about something that she loves, but also because she is writing about something for which she has a talent. A designer of both fashionable and practical clothes and accessories, Ms. Wallace-Currie has for several years run a charming shop in Fairfield. When not busy expressing her thoughts and opinions about fashion in print, in blogs and on other websites, this artist devotes much of her time and energy to teaching crafts to children whose parents or other family members have been stricken with cancer.
Alexandra Wallace-Currie
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http://alittlesquare.comArtist, designer, writer, teacher, shop-owner and founder of The Pink Pom-Pom Project charity, Alexandra Wallace-Currie has a very positive outlook on life. “I try not to let negative people get me down,” she says, “it’s bad juju.” While she notes that “although I do not some big designers,” when asked about what the top spring fashion trends will be, she chose to turn instead to her friends for their input. As Alexandra puts it, thoughts on fashion “coming from a Mom in New Canaan is way more realistic than asking someone from the French runways to direct us soccer moms in an impossible direction.”

Sensible Fashion For Mainstream Connecticut MomsMany articles about “fashion must-haves” says Alexandra are “way out of league with the majority of women I hang out with. It’s not an affordability challenge, it’s a ‘where to wear them all without looking silly challenge?.’ “ After all, as Alexandra adds with a wink, “we all can’t just jet off to Paris for the day!” While it would be fun to go “strutting down Main Street in my Alexander McQueen pumps, Vamp nails with matching McQ skull ring,” that is a look that “I may be able to off at a Gala or a high-end Art Gallery featuring works by Banksy but not in Fairfield, Connecticut!” So instead of talking about that sort of thing, she explains “what I’d like to talk about is what we all should have in our wardrobes this season, that makes more sense to me since I am a mommy of three kids, six puppies and a Japanese fighting fish that just won’t die!”

Trench Coats – “An Oldie But Goody”I asked my fashionista gal-pal, Cat O’Neal, executive producer of global communication company about her Spring must-haves. She lives in New Canaan and was keen to give me some pointers on what she plans to wear this Spring season. ‘Trench coat’ came out faster than I could say ‘Boo!’. An oldie but a goody. This winter has been particularly harsh for the East Coast and keeping a puff jacket on hand for April may be a bit much. However, a trench coat could save the day with its light fabric and airiness. Fabulous I said, where do I get one? Alexander McQueen, Burberry, even Hermes has stepped up to the plate she said! ‘No, no, sweety, I need an affordable one!’ Then go to ZARA, they have beautiful ones for a little over a $100 they’re gorgeous! ZARA is a great place to shop, ‘You can really dress high-low with their collections, mixing expensive shoes with a white t-shirt and a $30.00 pair of jeans. You get that European sensibility for a fraction of the cost!’.”

Espadrilles – “So French!” But So PracticalWhat came out next stopped me in my tracks…Espadrilles‘That’s so French!’ I screamed. ‘But by who???!’ Prada to Valentino to Tory Birch, but my favorites are a pair by Alice + Olivia, the ‘Roberta’ Platform heel with a fabulous floral print, they are so cute and so ‘Me’. I shopped at Nordstrom’s, but go quick they were running out of sizes when I was there.”

Boyfriend Jeans Vs. “Social Suicide” By OverallsI saw that in Paris Street Style reports overalls are making a big comeback but Oh My God! that would be social suicide. However, I am getting bees this summer to start my own hives, so I could slide a pair on for my backyard’ I said giggling. ‘What are you going to wear this summer?’ Cat asked. ‘Boyfriend Jeans, I have always wanted a pair and I just got a pair of Via Spaga leopard pumps…Ohhhh! Imagine that with long white dress shirt from my hubby, so doll!’ My twin sister said there are tutorials on Pinterest on how to make them aged and properly ripped without disintegrating in the wash.”
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Gingham – Yes, Gingham, It’s “All Over The Runways And Sooooo Connecticut!”Gingham is all over the runways and sooooo Connecticut!,” says Alexandra excitedly. “But how do you pull it off without looking like a walking table cloth?” Well, as she quickly answered her own question, “I found this sick top by Lucy Paris” at Bloomingdale’s the other day. It’s a scuba top with black and white bold gingham checks. How cute would that be with white flared jeans and your new espadrille pumps?”

Go Vintage And Never Go Wrong“This Spring season” says Alexandra, “is all about Vintage designer goods, especially from Louis Vuitton. Mixing and matching classically styled bags and belts with new pieces from the runway. LV is a trusted brand that has been around for quite a while and their classics are always a winner. But other designers such as Valentino and Christian Lacroix are great for colorful inspirations!”

A Final ThoughtSo whether it is trench coats, boyfriend jeans, espadrilles, gingham, or vintage designer goods – or any or all of the above, says Alexandra, the one thing to remember above all is that “Spring is almost here; it’s time to get dressed!”

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