With summer comes higher temperatures which creates safety risks for pets. Without a vocabulary, animals rely on other cues to tell you how they are feeling. They also rely on their owners to keep them cool. For instance, if you see your dog digging in the ground it could be a sign they are searching for cooler dirt under the surface. Following these five tips from Connecticut’s own mobile pet grooming company, pet owners can worry less about their pet’s safety.

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As the owner of the mobile grooming company The Dogfather, Matt Harwood is well-versed in dogs and cats. The Dogfather just celebrated their ninth anniversary. With their growing popularity of bringing the convenience of grooming to your front door, they have expanded to having six vans on the road. The Dogfather vans go to your home, work, and even campgrounds. They provide services in Middlesex, Fairfield, and North Haven counties in Connecticut.

Keep Them In The Shade

You are likely to see a dog sun bathing and soaking up the rays. Too much sun and lack of shade can be troublesome during these hot summer months. When bringing your dog outside or chaining them up, be sure to create space for them to be kept out of the sun and in a shaded area. Taking these safety measures can help prevent your four legged friend from overheating.

Stay Hydrated

Just like humans, dogs and cats need to stay hydrated, especially during warmer temperatures. When traveling with your pets be sure to keep stock of fresh, cool water. It is important to note that you should stay away from ice cold water and stick with cool or room temperature water. Outdoor cats love to take advantage of the warmer days of summer. Be sure to keep water outside for them in a shaded area.

Dog Boots

When it comes to protection, keeping your dog’s paws safe from the heat is important. The heat from the pavement can harm dog paws. To keep them from burning, check out dog boots available online or at your local pet store. Dog boots range in type and material so be sure to read the labels.

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To Shave Or Not To Shave

Pet owners can fall into routine with their grooming schedules and opt to completely shave off the winter coat. While this can be most convenient, it is also important to talk with your groomer about the best option for your pooch. Depending on the dog breed it could be better to not shave their fur too short. This includes breeds such as shepherds, huskies, and golden retrievers. For those that don’t typically get their dogs and cats groomed, it is also important to pay close attention to matted fur. Matted fur may be keeping your pet hotter as it won’t allow much circulation.

Car Safety

Imagine what it feels like stepping into your parked car after it has been roasting all day in the sun. Now imagine what it would be like for your pet to be in the car at those high temperatures. No matter the length of time you need to leave them in the car, no amount of time is safe in the warm heat. Cracking a window is not an exception to the rule. Opt to leave them home, find a sitter, or chose a destination that is pet friendly.

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