Becoming a babysitter involves so much more than just placing a person in the same space with your children and hoping for the best. There’s a lot to consider, and many questions that should be asked before hiring someone to care for your children in your absence. Sometimes it’s best to ask an expert what you should look for, someone who has years of experience doing the job themselves or finding the right person for the job. This list with expert Tane Trimble, owner of Tane’s Lil World Daycare, will provide you with some guidance and tips in making the right decision on the perfect babysitter.

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Tane Trimble is the owner and operator of Tane’s Lil World Family Daycare on State Street in New Haven.  She has worked with children for many years, and provided a babysitting service from her home prior to establishing her own daycare, which she has successfully operated for over four years now. Tane has a very hands-on approach with the children at her facility, who range in age from as young as six weeks to six years old. She understands how viable it is to find the right caretaker for your young loved ones and knows exactly what to look for. Here are five of her tips when choosing the perfect babysitter.

Consider The Babysitter’s Location

Location can be a hassle if the babysitter isn’t close to your home or job. The distance could cause an issue with arriving on time to drop off or pick up your child, especially if there’s traffic during the morning rush or afternoon rush hour. Also, consider parking. Is there ample parking at the babysitter’s home or location of business where you are able to pull up to the location, find a parking space and enter to drop off or pick up your child without issue?

Hours Of Operation

The babysitter’s hours of operation is key and needs to work around your schedule, not the other way around. Most parents find themselves in a bind when they select a babysitter who can’t make themselves available when you need them. For instance, if you have to be to work at 7 a.m., this means you need to drop your child off as early as 6:30 a.m.; some work schedules are on a rotating on call basis, and hospital employees in particular tend to work 12-hour shifts. Can your babysitter accommodate your schedule? These types of schedules need to be discussed and agreed to beforehand.

Accommodating Ethical Policies, Procedures and Activities

Some people tend to overlook this important factor. Your babysitter should be an extension of you and your family, meaning this person should share in your views, morals and expectations for your child’s daily routine.  Ask them what they do for activities during the day and speak up to let that person know if there’s something that you do not want done with or around your child.  If you don’t allow your children to watch TV, be mindful as to whether or not this babysitter will respect your request for no television. If the babysitter is providing meals that are not prepared, packaged and sent by you, ensure that the babysitter is serving something that you wouldn’t agree with.

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Background Checks And References

Do your homework.  Although, if the babysitter is an individual and not a business, it will be difficult to find out a lot of information. After all, it’s not like a person is registered with the Better Business Bureau. But what you can do is ask around about the person. If they’re a part of any organizations, attend school or have had another babysitting job, you can ask about their work ethic, character and personality traits from these associates, teachers and past employers. You want to know how they interact with children. You may want to refrain from asking the potential babysitter’s friends or family members — more often than not, they will give positive feedback, when what you’re looking for is truthful feedback. Also, consider social media — Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter can reveal a lot about a person.

Learning Environment

Your child’s imagination, creativity and mental development should be stimulated throughout the day.  Make sure the babysitter is one who will read to or with your child, interact with your child with new and enticing ways of learning and possibly set aside some time for arts and crafts. Remember, babysitting is more than just sitting with “the baby.”

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