Patriots Fan? No Playoff Tickets For You!The Denver Broncos are restricting sales of tickets to next weekend AFC playoff game to residents of the Rocky Mountain states -- effectively shouldering out Patriots fans from Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Airline Bumped Ticketed Passengers For Gators' Flight To CTOn one of the busiest flying days of the year, Delta Air Lines cancelled an Atlanta-bound commercial flight from Gainesville Regional Airport to accommodate the University of Florida men's basketball team.
Police Issue Fewer Tickets For Distracted Driving Court records show police are issuing fewer tickets to motorists illegally talking on the phone.
Top Concerts To Look Forward To In Connecticut In 2013 Some of Connecticut's hottest venues will be hosting the nation's most popular musical artists. Start the new year off right with tickets to a 2013 concert!
State Police Union Says There's A Ticket Blitz TomorrowLeaders of the Connecticut State Police Union are bashing what they're calling ticket-writing quotas by management and have revealed the location of the next increased traffic enforcement effort.
High Court Hears Arguments On UConn DatabaseConnecticut's open records watchdog agency has softened its position on whether the University of Connecticut can claim its season ticket holders' lists are confidential trade secrets.
Notre Dame Game Expected To Break Michigan-UConn Attendance Record At 'Big House' Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon expects to break the NCAA regular-season attendance record set by the Wolverines with 113,090 last year against Connecticut when they host Notre Dame Saturday night.

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