Former Major Leaguer Testifies About Evidence At Clemens Trial Former major leaguer David Segui says he was told as far back as 2001 that Roger Clemens' strength coach had kept evidence against the seven-time Cy Young Award winner.
With Trial Five Weeks Old, Judge Imposes Time Limit On Clemens Trial WitnessesThe judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial is imposing a time limit on all future witnesses in an effort to speed things up.
McNamee Tells Jury Clemens Camp's Actions Angered HimBrian McNamee testified that Roger Clemens' lawyers pushed him from reluctant turncoat to angry accuser when they allowed details of McNamee's oldest son's illness to be revealed during a nationally televised news conference.
Full Day On Witness Stand For McNamee At Clemens TrialBrian McNamee, Roger Clemens' longtime strength coach testified Tuesday for a second day in the perjury trial, pushing his running total to roughly 10 hours on the stand, including the first few moments of what portends to be a grueling cross-examination that will continue Wednesday.
Clemens Trial Jury ProfilesProfiles of Clemens trial jurors
McNamee Testifies On Relationship With ClemensBrian McNamee described for jurors a relationship with Roger Clemens that had the hallmarks of an illicit affair-- except their secret was steroids.
McNamee Testifies About Clemens InjectionsBrian McNamee has testified that he first injected Roger Clemens with steroids when they were with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1998.
Clemens Trial Judge Rules Against Two Defense MovesRoger Clemens lost two legal moves in his perjury trial Monday: his efforts to strike the testimony of his former teammate Andy Pettitte and to bring in information from the divorce of his chief accuser, Brian McNamee.

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