New Trial Granted For Michael Skakel A Connecticut judge has granted a new trial for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, ruling his attorney failed to adequately represent him when he was convicted in 2002 of killing his neighbor in 1975.
Skakel: "Flabbergasted At The Nonchalant Attitude" Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel launched a barrage of criticism Thursday against the attorney who represented him at his murder trial, saying he failed to track down key witnesses while having fun and basking in the limelight.
Skakel To Take Stand In Effort To Get New TrialAn attorney for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel says he plans to call him to testify as he challenges his 2002 Connecticut murder conviction on the grounds his trial attorney failed to competently defend him.
Expert On Coerced Confessions Casts Doubt On Skakel's Statement An expert on coerced confessions is casting doubt on testimony that Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel confessed to a 1975 murder, saying the statements were made at a reform school where he was subject to beatings and humiliation.
Victim's Friend Says She Told Skakel Lawyer About Possible Other SuspectsA murder victim's friend says she told Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel's attorney before his trial that she had heard two other men were responsible for the killing, but he told her that account didn't appear credible.
Prosecutors Ask Judge To Dismiss Skakel Appeal Prosecutors urged a judge Thursday to dismiss Michael Skakel's latest challenge of his 2002 murder conviction, saying the Kennedy cousin's claim that his trial attorney did a poor job should have been raised in an earlier appeal and that many of the issues he cites were previously rejected.
Skakel Parole DeniedKennedy cousin Michael Skakel was denied a bid for freedom Wednesday at his first parole hearing since he was convicted a decade ago of killing his neighbor in 1975.
Skakel Asks For Parole, Maintains InnocenceKennedy cousin Michael Skakel was denied parole at his first parole hearing since being sent to prison a decade ago.

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