Health Care Provision Could Derail MMA in ConnecticutA provision making promoters liable for fighters' health care costs is threatening to derail plans to expand mixed martial arts events in Connecticut.
State Senate Approves Mixed Martial Arts Bill
House Passes Bill To Legalize Mixed Martial ArtsState lawmakers are moving forward with a proposal to lift the state's ban on mixed martial arts, as the House of Representatives passes a bill that would legalize and regulate the sport.
Mixed Martial Arts Again Before LegislatureConnecticut lawmakers are considering a proposal to legalize mixed martial arts competitions.
Renewed Push For MMA Fighting In State Promoters of mixed martial arts are hoping to legalize the sport in Connecticut.
Time Running Out For Mixed Martial Arts LegislationTime may be running out to legalize and regulate mixed martial arts matches in Connecticut.
Top Spots For MMA And Martial Arts Studios In ConnecticutWhen the state's athletes need more than a treadmill and a little sweat, they hit the mixed martial arts mats. Connecticut's martial artists boast skills in fighting from around the world, with thousands of disciplined, fit students to back up that hard-hitting action. Check out classes taught by the best of the best right here in Connecticut.
Legislature Considers Legalizing Mixed Martial ArtsConnecticut lawmakers are again being asked to consider joining 44 other states and legalize and regulate mixed martial arts matches, allowing the popular events that draw thousands of fans to venues in cities such as Hartford and Bridgeport.

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