Ray Dunaway: Cheaper Plans Under TrumpcareRobert King, healthcare reporter for the Washington Examiner, claims Trump's call to stop Obamacare payments is leading to more cheap plans for low-income customers.
Todd Feinburg: Is Trump Handling the Roy Moore Situation Correctly?Is President Trump handling the Roy Moore case properly?  Plus, Harry loves Meghan... Americas obssession with the Royals.
Todd Feinburg: Charles Manson Is DeadTodd looks at parallels between Manson and the establishment riggers-- Hillary talking Trump accusations and demonizing FOX.
Ray Dunaway: Trump's Visit To ChinaMr. Harry Kazianis, Director of Defense Studies at The Center for the National Interest, discusses President Trump's visit to China.
Ray Dunaway: Social Media vs. PoliticsWe look at at the role of Facebook in the Russia investigation, and the Twitter employee who shut down President Trump's account for several minutes on their last day.
RAY DUNAWAY: A Look At Supreme Court Justice Pick Neil GorsuchDavid Alistair Yalof, Professor and Department Head University of Connecticut Department of Political Science, looks at Trump's Supreme Court Justice pick, Neil Gorsuch.
Fact Check: Trump's Statements On Auto Industry Are MisleadingPresident-elect Donald Trump has a long list of deceptive statements about Ford Motor Co. and the auto industry, and he added to that list this week.
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Eli Manning Denies Yelling 'Trump' To Signal AudibleEli Manning says he wasn't using Donald Trump's name in order to signal an audible during the New York Giants' victory over the Los Angeles Rams in London on Sunday.
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News You Can UseIt turns out The Donald isn't the only Presidential figure with ties to an online university...
America Doesn't Need A Third Party, It Needs A SecondAnd after yesterday’s primaries, it’ll be Trump v Clinton. Many are somewhat disappointed in the choice that will have to be made in November, and would prefer a third party arise to provide another alternative.
Primary Day
Wednesday ThoughtsOk, Brussels was horrible, but closer to home, terror reigns as well. Quick! Seek refuge in your safe space!